Sunday, November 27, 2011

The one with the Turkey...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a great week with family and friends! We sure did. My body is totally paying for it...too much eating and drinking. I need to diet for 4 weeks until it happens again at Christmas. My parents and Karen left this morning, so Josh and I are recouperating watching ESPN, Cooper is running around.

Thanksgiving was a HUGE successs. Josh fried another turkey this year and we had like 50 sides. It was amazing. Of course I had to have a little of everything, TWICE!! LOL We had 15 family and friends over. Everyone really made the day special. We weren't in the kitchen all day cooking because everyone chipped in and brought something. It made my life alot easier.  I hope this will be a tradition for everyone. I think we will have it at our house every year. Maybe next year we will go carbless, I ate TOO MUCH mashed potatoes and mac n cheese. I still feel like I am in a coma and it's Sunday.

I did experience my first black Friday (well Thursday) shopping spree with my friend Annie. Her and her husband came over for Thanksgiving, so about 9:30 Thursday night we got ready to fight the crowds. We were both first timers, we totally looked like rookies taking pictures of the maddness in Walmart. That place was nuts. They didn't make you wait outside since they never even closed, so everyone was hovered over their favorite doorbusters. You weren't alloweed to touch anything until 10:00, but when the clock stuck, it was mayhem. We started out with the $1.96 movies and got some good ones. As we walked through the store it was outrageous how many people are pushing through the aisles. We had to ditch the buggie, because we would have never made it anywhere. We got a few other items and made it out in about an hour. Walmart is the least organized store EVER!!!!! After Walmart we came home to "rest" and eat MORE before we headed out to Target. Since we didn't need electronics our experience was quite nice. Target did it right, they actually had a structred line that started in the back of the store, most the employees has a radio and things moved smoothly. We waitined in line, only about 15 minutes.  After Target we were pooped. We got home about 2:00. I am glad I got to do it, but I don't think it is something I would do again.

Can you believe only 4 more weeks until Christmas!?! Seriously, where has this year gone? We got our tree up while the fam was here. No presents under it yet, not really sure how that will work out with Cooper around. We didn't put any ornaments in his reach either.

Cooper enjoyed his grandparents being here, he got so much attention. I think he is walking around looking for all the action or someone to hold him. Mommy and daddy aren't good enough. I think he already knows, grandparents are the spoliers!

I gotta shout out to my papa, who turns 80 on Wednesday. Happy Birthday!! We were able to celebrate his birthday this weekend. He still looks great, moving all around and traveling. He was even dancing with Cooper. So awesome to see the great grandparents interact with Cooper.

Hope everyone has a great week!! Good luck Christmas shopping and fighting the holiday crowds, its crunch time now people!!!


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  1. I had such a great time on my mini Vacation, and I so enjoyed my time with Cooper he will certainly keep you on your toes, thanks you so much for having me, and I'm glad I was able to help/teach Joshua how to Carve the Turkey, he did an excellent job!!!! Food was awesome. Love you guys and I'll be seeing all again soon.....Great job on the Blog Allie!!!!!