Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The one with the eggs...

That's right folks, we've got all natural, all organic and cage free eggs! Only one of the girls is producing an egg a day and she has been for about 3 weeks. The eggs came just in time for Easter! Red Ellie is still a tad bit smaller than Monica so hopefully we can fatten her up with some food and get her laying too. I've been able to give some eggs away and yes, they taste great. Fresher is better.

The day Monica laid her first TWO eggs (I think she was backed up) I called Josh and said, I think she's going to start laying soon. She is really singing. And by singing I mean she isn't clucking her normal cluck cluck, she's almost squawking like, get this thing out of me. And she laid right in the nest box, right next to the fake eggs I put in there to "show" her where to lay. And from them on, she's been giving me one a day.  Both the girls sing daily, so I'm hoping Red Ellie pops them out soon.

We've been letting them out to roam the back yard lately and the kids go nuts. They love it. And so do the Chickens. New bugs, new dirt to scratch and it certainly gives a new meaning to free-range. Miles (our cat) doesn't seem to mind them. He looks at them like what the heck are you? He's unsure, but doesn't mess with them, yet. I don't let them out together when we aren't there. The chickens are so docile. They follow me around the yard when we are out there. They come to you when you whistle and they don't mind being picked up. Who needs dogs, when you have chickens??? I wonder why we didn't think of this sooner!

Did you know brown chickens lay brown eggs and white chickens lay white eggs????