Thursday, December 19, 2013

The one with ol' St. Nick....

Or should I say scary St. Nick.... For some reason, Cooper is freightened by him every year and nothing is differenent about this year. I actually thought he would be a little more receptive to Santa, he knows more about him, he recognizes him on TV and out in public, but doesn't want anything to do with him..... Addison on the other hand stared him down for a few minutes then cracked a smile. Almost like heeeeyyyy this guy is giving us presents lets atleast give him what he wants! After all that, St. Nick even gave him candy. Maybe Cooper will remember that next year!


The one with the visitors....

We had our first official house guests! Papa Jeff and Mar Deanna came to visit the week through Thanksgiving. It made our Thanksgiving extra special... the entire fam damily is getting together at our new house! The McCarty's, The Herrmann's, The Simmons, The Clements, The Richardsons', The Brewers, The Oblerdings all together under one roof. 23 folks... The more the merrier on Thanksgiving right? It's what the holidays are about, togetherness and not so much shopping?! Yes, I think I said that! I've really only gone serious after Thanksgiving shopping twice in my life. Once I can remember going with my mom when Persian used to be a department store. They had a great sale on NineWest boots/ shoes that I HAD to have. But even then stores opened at like 5am. My other experience was recent which made me NOT want to get out in that mess. Nothing is worth the hassle, the long lines and those crazy shoppers who HAVE to have that tuperware today! Although, I had to be Thankful for the Walmart stores that stay open, without them we would not have had fried Turkey. As usual, the last minute McCarty's, waited to clean out the turkey pot the morning of Thanksgiving, only to notice water streaming out of a hole in the bottom of the pot. Those dang salty boiled peanuts must have rotted the pot... anyway, THANKFULLY we could run up to the Walmart and purchase a new one!! THANK YOU WALMART

Anyway, Miss Addie is almost 10 months old going on walking. Boy can she get around crawling though. She books it. She's crusing along the furniture, letting go a little bit and standing on her own, she's getting braver and stronger each day and goodness does she love Cooper! Anything Cooper has, she wants, anything Cooper does, she thinks she can. She loves wrestling with Daddy and Cooper. She can hold her own. She actually tries to tackle Cooper. We are struggling sleeping through the night though. Between teeth, growth spurts and ear infections, I have been catering to little princess during the nights. She has 4 teeth now, and looks so different... no more gummy smiles.

Cooper is loving his dirt bike we bought him for his birthday. Thanks to Papa Jeff who bought him his safety gear, he is able to ride it. He learned quickly, thanks to Daddy who is a good teacher. Cooper can already ride the dirt bike by himself, training wheels of course. But he's only 3! He looks like such a little stud too riding. And I don't think there is a morning he wakes up without asking to ride his four- wheeler.... he's counting to 10, getting his own water out of the fridge door and an avid camper. He and Daddy camped in the back yard this past weekend. All week long he pulled his wagon throughout the yard, collecting sticks for his campfire. He LOVES anything outdoors and anything that has to do with Daddy. I was setting up the tent for them and Cooper said Mommy this is not for you, you can't sleep in here! But you know who what?? I get the sweet love when he sick, hungry or tired, so I can handle those hugs and love now!

Happy Shopping!! Can you believe Christmas is here next week? I CAN'T!!! Photos from Thanksgiving....


Monday, November 18, 2013

The one with the party...

Can you believe my little baby is 3? And already clearly capable of posting on the blog! He had such a great birthday. We are so blessed to have so many sweet and caring friends and family. Cooper is truly truly spoiled with presents and most of all Love. Next to Josh, Cooper is the best thing that happened in my life. He's a ray of light, a burst of sunshine and truly a blessing. His little squeal of excitement on the little things warms my heart. He's so caring, sweet and kind. I haven't met a 3 year old yet that has his caring heart. And I like to think he's part genius, well, because he is! His third birthday was made special (times 2)! I had a more intimate party for Cooper, with our family. My hope was to have a chili cook-off between Josh and I. And when all was said and cooked, I ended up cooking both chili's. So not like we were keeping score, but if we were, then I won :) hehe On Saturday we had his birthday party with his bestest friend Ceci. She also turned 3 just a few weeks before. It was such a blast. I know all the kids loved it. It's a true testament to how much fun a kid has as to when they fall asleep on the couch. And when that time is 6:30, you know you were successful. Natalie (Ceci's mom) brought the fun to the table. She rented a bounce house for the day and boy was that the hit of the party. All our San Marco neighbors came, all our friends came and all our family came back. It was such a great day. Nothing is sweeter than the squeals and giggles of kids having fun. Thank you to everyone for the gifts, love and attendance of Cooper and Ceci's birthday. It means the world to us.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The one where I turn 3....

Hey guys, it's me Cooper. I snuck on Mommies computer while she was sleeping and thought I'd make the blog post since it's my birthday and I'm a big boy!!! shhhhhh.....don't tell her, she doesn't like me playing on her computer....

Well you guess it, I'm 3 and in to everything. I'm eager to learn and am sure to always ask mommy, but WHY and WHAT's that??? Anyway, there have been a lot of changes this year, but I loved them all. I became a big brother in February, which I am most proud of. I like to think I'm a good big brother and a good leader (at least that what Mommy says, so I believe her!) Sissy loves me, she tries to copy me and follow me around, but she's slow. She can't run fast like me yet.... she's only crawling. But I help her, I give sissy her stuffed animals when she's sad, I help mommy change her diapers, I pick up her toys when she drops them and I share my cheerios and all my toys. Mommy is big into "sharing". Sharing is caring, blah blah blah... but I swear every adult says it so it must be true.

Mommy and Daddy just bought a new house, so I have a new big boy room. Its blue and my bunk beds fit perfectly in there. I like to try to sneak to the top bunk to sleep, but mommy always catches me. She's good at always knowing when I am up to something. Our new house has a pool but its too cold to swim, but gosh I want to so bad! I am slowly but surely learning how to swim. I am getting more comfortable with the water. I like to help daddy clean all the leaves out. Anything Daddy does, I like to help. Daddy is my best friend. When he mows the lawn, I follow in my lawn mower.... When he uses his wheel barrow, I get mine out. I have a hammer, drill, tape measure and screws and nails just like Daddy. I even wear big boy underwear now just like Daddy. We both like to stay up and watch movies, we will finish them even if its midnight! Mommy ALWAYS falls asleep.

Everyone already knows, but I'm a picky eater. If mommy would let me I would eat Peanut butter and Jelly for breakfast, lunch and dinner AND Cheetos for dessert! But she doesn't let me! I don't even like to try new foods. I know what I like and that's it! Mommy and Daddy try to force me, by shoving MacNCheese in my mouth but that definitely doesn't work. YUCK! Who likes Mac N Cheese? Not this guy! There's alot of other things I'm into (eating is not one of them). I just got a new dirt bike- like a real dirt bike. Mommy was pretty much against it (thank goodness Daddy wasn't!) but when she saw the smile on my face and how much I love riding it, she's all about it now. I love it. Daddy and I ride on it in the yard together. It still needs training wheels before I can do it on my own. I am totally obsessed with my trampoline Santa brought me last Christmas. Since we moved and the trampoline is in our back yard, I can actually jump by myself now. Well by myself, I mean with all my animals. I always always always have my bear, dog and tiger with me. I like to race mommy on the scooters we have. I always win! If you're not first your last. I'm into anything I can do outside, digging holes, picking up sticks, playing baseball and soccer... oh yea, I played in a soccer league this year. Pretty awesome, since thats something Mommy and Daddy have never done and I'm only 3 and got to play soccer! I think I liked it so much because I got candy after each practice!  Although, I probably would have listened better in practice if they gave out Cheetos :)

What else, oh yea- I'm obsessed with running around in my superman onsie. I love wearing it to the grocery store, on my trampoline, playing outside, really just about anywhere. Mommy always tells me its "dirty" so I will wear something else, but gosh I just want to run around with that darn cape and fly! Mommy did make me a pretty cool batman cape too, you know, now that I think about it- all the super hero's rock! If I could wear a cape every day I would. If I could just get Daddy to wear one with me, we would be awesome.

So that's about it.... I'm 3 (going on 15!). I'm potty trained (mostly!!). I talk in complete sentences (I hope you can understand "toddler"!). I have my own Ipad (uh, it is the OLD one!!). I have my own motor cycle (I just can't ride it by myself yet!). I sleep in big boy bunk beds (with the toddler rail of course!). I love PB&J's (there isn't another food group is there?). I'm a cool big brother (and handsome and smart!) and last but not least, I have Mommy and Daddy wrapped around my fingers.....why you ask??? Because I'm so darn cute, who wouldn't be!?!?!??! I guess that's why Mommy loves taking pictures... CHEESE!!

Alright, I gotta run, I hear Mommy getting up, but before I go-

Happy Birthday to me, I'M THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

The one with the ghosts and the goblins....

Happy Halloween!!! We had a great Halloween. We didn't go in the new nieghb, not many kids, the lots are too big and there are hardly any street lights- so word on the street was everyone goes else where. They were probably thinking DANG kids moved in next door and now we have to buy candy!! But hey it worked. We trick-or-treated with friends again and Cooper was all in the action. He loved it, wasn't scared, a little timid at first, but got the hang of it quickly. Hey, all I have to say is trick-or-treat and I get CANDY!!! As most kids, he can't wait to eat the Candy. So along the way, he had a lollipop, nerds, skittles, ressee cup, gold fish and Cheetos!! Yes, the kid was in HEAVEN when someone gave him Cheetos! I took several pictures throughout the last few weeks... enjoy!!

Getting all hyped up!