Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The one with Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my husband, dads, granddads and great granddads! Josh had a great fathers day!!! I wanted to make this day memorable for Josh. I think Cooper knew what day is was because he was excellent and so happy all day long. Of course I woke up and made breakfast! Thats only my favorite meal to make and eat :)

That day we ventured down to the city for the day starting at the Redstripe Midsummer music festival. It was fairly overcast all day so it was pretty comfortable for all of us to sit out side. We sat in the lawn and listened to a few bands, had a few brewskis and bbq and let Coop man crawl around the grass. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. We discovered we needed cup holders on the stroller for our beers . It would make multitasking a lot easier. We also had tickest to the Braves game. It was our first Braves game together as a fam! Coop loved the game. He was a total people watcher. When he is able to see the players, I am sure he'll be a huge fan!! Whenever the crowd cheered it would startle him, his eyes would get real big and he'd make a sad face for about 2 seconds then go back to the happy baby that you all know! We sat in the Chop house during the first part of the game. The sun was out when we got in the game, and was too hot to sit in, so we were in the shade. The storms came rolling in about the 4th innning and there was a game delay. When the rain stopped we left because rain truly had not stopped. The sky looked so ominious we ran for the car and headed home for a fathers day steak dinner!!

This is why we ran to the car!!

Happy First Day of Summer, longest day of the year! LOVE

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The one with the storm...

I never knew why my parents always wanted it to rain so badly every afternoon until I owned my own home.... FREE WATER!!! Every day we get home Josh sets up the sprinklers and I water the plants. When I walk out of work, I scan the sky for rain clouds. These past few weeks have been dry as a bone. I know you Floridians have been battling a similar situation. Well, finally last night, prayers were answered and it rained, and what I really mean is it STORMED. It poured for hours, just what our Georgia grass and flowers needed. The rain didn't stop Josh. He is a man that loves to grill!!! DELISH!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The one with the weekend projects....

ELOOO!!! Happy Sunday everyone :) Another weekend come and gone.... Don't they just fly by? After 2 consecutive trips to Home Depot in one day, Josh started and finished the walls for the bars in the basement! The project was a lot easier than he thought and didn't take that long to complete. I think he can take on anything down there. The next project is frame a few closets and hang some doors, before the dry wall. The dry wall we will NOT be doing ourselves.

While Josh did his manly building in the basement, I had my own girly fun. I painted the front family room and sewed some pillows. Just call me Martha Stewart. We are slowly adding color to different rooms in the house, so it doesn't look like you are walking into the same room. I also had to order the fabric for the window treatments. I will be making the curtains for this room too. Curtians plus a few more pillows and that'll do it for this room... except for the wall decor, but it's always so hard to find things we like.

I know you are dying to know about Coop. He had his own fun crawling around the house bumping his head on the table, chairs and walls and drooling all over the hardwood floors. I am not going to be able to keep the floors clean enough, EVER. He is so mobile now its awesome though. He wanted to be held so badly before and now that he can explore new things himself he loves it. He also loves the pool! We took him over to our friends Saturday afternoon. He is definitely an outdoors kinda kid, thank goodness. He isn't cranky whatso ever when he is out there, probably because he gets so much attention from all the ladies :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello family and friends! I've been a horrible blogger these past few weeks, shame on me! I hope to get back on track starting TODAY. The days slip out from me and before I know it, I am waking  up for work, AGAIN! We've been a busy McCarty family roadtrippin', campin' and parentin'. Cooper as you might imagine is growing ever so quickly. We have had a few milestones over these last few weeks. We started some serious teething before memorial weekend and last week a bottom tooth popped through. It is the cutest wittle toofers I have ever seen. Probably because the weeks leading up to the showing was tiring. Coop was waking up in the middle of the night screaming and just looking so miserable. You think I would have been used to being woke up during the night, but I got used to the 8 hours of sleep again real quick. Needless to say, we are back on our normal sleep routine.... but I've got 20 something more of those toofers, right? Another awesome Cooper milestone is his babbling. He talks to him self, talks to us, talks to his animals and I swear he has said Mamma!! well at least that's what I hear =) Finally, you will be excited to know Cooper is a crawler! Yes, he is mobile and he is quick. He is just like his daddy, always gotta be moving a doing something. This kid can't sit still. It won't be long before I need to invest in a leash....totally kidding. You know I am not that kind of mom. But if he is anything like his dad, which is proving to be true more and more every day, it may be something to consider....

Josh and I are fabulous! We are doing big things and making progress with a lot around the house. Our ongoing project is obviously the basement. We actually just bought the wood today to start the building the bars, so hopefully in a few weeks we will have something to show for it. I'm always wanting to paint. I think I have about 100 plus paint chips. Hopefully next weekend I can make up my mind and paint something, of course while consuming wine! We are constantly trying to keep up with the yard work. The dang rabbits keep eating my pretty flowers. I feel like we are always at homedepot buying new plants and flowers. Maybe I should google the flowers they don't eat. There's a thought! We still don't have a lawn mower, so the day before we headed to Florida our neighbor mowed our lawn! Super nice of him, we obviously couldn't take a hint. The week before he kept telling us to borrow it. LOL. I wonder how long we can hold off buying a lawn mower now??!

Pictures to follow, hopefully tomorrow.