Friday, August 8, 2014

The one with the eventful Summer....

I am not even sure where to begin…. Happy Father’s Day, Happy 4th of July, Happy Anniversary month!! I missed a lot of events on here. One of the most important milestones for us, is Cooper is a SWIMMER! It didn’t take long for him to ditch the swimmies and become that big boy. He won’t even get in the pool with his swimmies on, but he does require goggles. We are living in the pool with this hot Florida Sunshine. It’s a great way to wear the kiddos out before nap time! And once the kids lay down, momma gets to relax and soak up some sun.

We’ve had a major DIY project in the dining room that really turned out great! Josh is Mr. DIY Professional. We finally added some character and paint to the dining room. We put up bead board; it gives it the country cottage/ beach house feel. As you know, my job is to make this house feel “coastal”. LOL so I still have decorating to do, but I was thoroughly impressed with my hubs! There aint nothing he can’t do…. He’s already planning the next project!

The main man

After construction, still a work in progress

My Planter, built by the one and only, Josh!

Papa Jeff and Mar came in town several weeks ago too. We enjoyed having them and Cooper warmed right up to Papa Jeff. Probably because he’s at big kid at heart like Josh. Cooper and Papa Jeff wrestled and horse played the whole time. They were here picking up another horse, I mean 2 more horses, for their farm. One of these days, we will ride one of those suckers! If we could just convince them to move to Florida… we have 30 acres of land around here too!!! Everybody’s doing it! 


I’m sure you know by now, but we had a surprise visit from the devil in our backyard. A water moccasin slithered right in front of Cooper.  Needless to say the snake didn’t make it out alive and we pray he will never return.  Josh fought the snake, literally, until the snake’s death. Once the snake felt threatened he was jumping in attempt to attack and strike Josh. It was frightening!!!!! We’ve had lots of prayer over the house and backyard. They should NOT return!

Addison is her father’s daughter. One of her new favorite foods is black olives. I swear she would eat an entire can like her daddy. Josh now has some competition when he opens up a can. Addison is also starting to say more words, I can tell you her favorite word is NO! I think that’s every child’s first words. She is trying SO hard to say Cooper, its adorable. All this rush and excitement for the kiddos to start talking and then we tell them to be quiet!!
Wishing y’all a cooler rest of the summer, can it get any hotter?! Enjoy some of the best pics of the summer so far!