Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The one with Allie....

We were walking through the grocery store a few days ago and I stepped away from Cooper and Josh  and the next thing I hear this little voice yell "Allie, Allie!". No longer am I mommy (well ok sometimes I am mommy) but it's Allie to Cooper. So funny to hear him say it. I just had to get a video!!! We took it easy over the weekend... Especially Saturday since it rained.  It's nice to do nothing for once. With our busy lives we don't often stay in our gym shorts and tees all day. What a luxury!!! And even more of a surprise, Friends was on most of the morning!

So we have been really focusing Cooper on swimming. And getting him used to the pool. The great thing about it, and he is such a good kid and so smart. Right when we get to the pool he waits for us to put his floaties on his arms before he even gets close to the water. But once he has them on, its fair game. He is becoming quite the water baby. He just loves it to death playing with Josh and being tossed up into the air and splashing back in the pool. He has learned to kick his legs so far. He stays upright with his floaties and knows to spit the water out! A good start I think!

My lap top officially crashed again this past weekend AND I am not paying another $300 to have it fixed. So I am using our Mac that is slower than a turtle and has more pictures on it than Google. I would love to upload more pictures of Cooper from the weekend, but it doesn't look like its happening tonight, I can't even get them saved right now. We have NO space left! EKKK

Funny picture I have to share of Cooper playing dress up with the neighbor... totally blackmail material or Senior year book stuff when he's older!! hahahahaaa, Cooper I promise not to show your girlfriends (on the first date)!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The one with me and Cooper....

Josh has been out of town this week, so its me and the Coopster... which means another week of me eating chicken nuggets and french fries with the little one. In other words, no fancy cooking. Not that my cooking is "fancy" but its much easier to pop in some nuggets than anything. So I made enough chicken nuggets for me and Cooper to share. We got in bed and watched some cartoons. Well I tell ya, that's the last time I share with him! Cooper ate about 8 nuggets ( way over half!) and when I went to put a fry in my mouth he would say "mine! mine" and took it from me. So needless to say, we are working on sharing. Because why? Sharing is Caring.... anyway, he had a good time "breaking the rules" and eating in bed! Mommy was tired, So I was in bed at 7:30!!! YES you read that right! I got 11 hours of sleep last night, oh it was great! Much needed for sure. So today, I have a little more energy to play with Cooper. Luckily it was raining and that was totally entertaining to him, so I stripped him down to his diaper and let him have his fun spalshin in the puddles....


Sunday, July 8, 2012

The one with Indepedence Day...

Happy Freedom week everyone! Josh and I sure have enjoyed it. We took off Thursday and Friday after the 4th. This has to be the best vacation ever! Well, by ever I mean it has felt really long. We didn't travel anywhere, didn't have to pack the whole house in the prius. We just relaxed. We put Cooper in daycare on Thursday and had the day to ourselves.... we saw the movie Ted. Super hailrous and VERY inapportiate. Perfect for a mommy and daddy day out. Friday night we had another date! Marychase and David watched Cooper and we had dinner at a piano bar in Downtown Buford. Many for you probably never even heard of Buford. Its a super small town in Georgia (obvi). The downtown was a few blocks. It was fun and romantic. Something we don't get to enjoy that often. And guess what?? Saturday, we FINALLY finished staining the deck. We only started that project about a month ago. We saved the worst project for last.... painting the back side of the railings. Finished is actually a realtive term, it really isn't finished, we missed a few rails so one of these dayswhen its110 degrees we will have to touch up stain. Staining the deck has to be the absolute WORST thing to do ever. I can think of 100 other things I would rather do. YUCK. never again.

So for all you mohawk haters out there.... I cut it out. Coopers hair is all one length again\. And you are actually finding out before Josh. He is out playing golf with Chris and the neighb. He will probably be totally be bummed, but you know what? You snooze you lose!!! haha :) Anyway, we have been really taking the time to introduce Cooper to the pool. He is starting to LOVE it. He is jumping in on his own. Of course we are catching him. We wears lil floaters on his arms which are a huge help. We floats on his own. He is becomming quite the water baby. I am super glad he loves it. I was nervous at the beginning of the year because he didn't really want in, but now we can't keep him out!! Here are a few photos from the pool and a video! Enjoy! And Happy MONDAY!!!