Thursday, September 20, 2012

There one where I am finally back in action...

I feel like every time I write one of these blog posts, I am apologizing for not keeping you up to date!! My life is a whirlwind right now. We have a TON going on with the new baby, moving, working, life, Cooper, etc. So with that said- I haven’t really made my pregnancy public yet, however with social media these days it only takes one word! So we’ve had tons of praises and congratulations. I was trying to wait until we knew the sex of the baby… but hey its exciting news! We’re PREGNANT due March 2013. So what that really means for me is the baby will be here in January 2013. Ha! Just kidding, we will have a scheduled C section this time (I should say scheduled loosely- nothing is ever really planned with us McCarty’s). AND With a new baby, comes a new job, for Josh, that is. Well not completely “new”. A new territory in Jacksonville, FLORIDA! So with a new job comes a new move!!! That’s right folks, we are moving back home. While I never in a million years thought it would happen so soon, we are completely blessed to have this opportunity. Raising 2 kids without family around would be a struggle. Our friends and family here have been worlds of help letting Josh and I enjoy those romantic dinner nights and afternoon lunch dates, but something about having your parents and grandparents around is something special. So much like 2010 being a huge year for the McCarty’s, 2013 will be yet another. We will accomplish and do more things in 3 years than many do in a life time… let’s see. Jobs. Marriage. Baby. Purchase of a new Home. Sell the home. Move to Jacksonville. Baby. Purchase a 2nd home. Tired yet?? I DEFINITELY am. I don’t know how we do it. But it will all be worth it in the end. So with the big move to Jacksonville, my last day working in the office CAT-ISO will be the 28th of this month. Notice I said “in the office”. I will be working remotely a few months. The end of the year is typically busy for us, so I’d hate to jump ship when the waters get rough.

Anyway, we had a great vacation in Pigeon Forge at the end of August. That seems like a life time ago now. We ate entirely way too much. For me it’s ok since I am eating for 2… wink wink. But for Josh, he’s still running off the Klondike bars. We had a huge cabin, I didn’t once feel cramped. I feel like we accomplished alot. There is WAY too much to do in Pigeon Forge, kinda like I-drive in Orlando. Just tourist hell, only because there is way too many people and a bunch of random stuff to do like mini golf courses on every corner, magic shows, dinner shows, wax museums... I mean they really have something for everyone. For me, they had the outlet mall!!! We did go to the aquarium one day. Cooper loved all the fishies. This was his 3rd time going and I think this time we really could understand. He didn't sit in his stroller once, he loved it. When we were leaving the aquarium he waved and said bye bye shark!! Too cute. We did a little bear hunting up by the cabin too. There was a note on our fridge when we arrived stating black bears were see on the porch around dusk, so they didn't recommend cooking at night. But guess what??? When your husband is Josh, you take a walk on the wild side and buy spicy spam and put across the street and you grill big fat juicy steaks at night. And you know what, after all that, we didn't ever see a bear. Every little sound I heard out there I was peaking through the blinds. But didn't have any luck. Another highlight of the trip, at least for us, was when Cooper rode his first pony. He's a little pro and loved every minute of it. Of course Josh lead the pony, but Coop held on himself with a big ole smile. He wasn't the least bit frightened. It seriously was the cutest thing ever. I know what a proud mom feels like!!! I guess I always thought going to the petting zoo and things like that would be boring but when you see your kids smiling and having fun, nothing else matters. I could be at the petting zoo all day as long is Cooper is happy. He truly had a great vacation. He loved being around Brooklyn. He followed her around, like any smart boy would do. She's a cute thang!! She would help him eat and do things for him. She is a great big sister.

Enough with the writing is what your thinking and show me some pictures!!