Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The one with the routine...

It's a good day already and its only 6:30, because both kids are in school today. It was a fun, but long Summer with them. I love them unconditionally. But as you know, they can be sweet as sugar one minute and fight like cats and dogs the next.... so with limited  play time at home together, it seems they are getting along better.  The best part of back to school is, I can start running again! I took off ALL summer, but who really wants to run when its 100 degrees anyway.  But, I'm back in the swing of things and back in my routine. I've got some work to do, because while I had my feet kicked up at the house, Josh was out there running with his work group with a RUNNING COACH! So he's basically professional status now. Off to hit the pavement I go. I've got us signed up for another race in a few weeks and hope I can get some miles under my shoes to train for another half marathon by the end of the year. It's been a while and I'm way over due!

In other news, I had my first official close on my own last week! So I guess you can say the real estate business is going great, since it only took 3 months to really get moving. I love it so far. It's been stressful at times, but the good definitely out weigh it all. I have a great partner, who is patient and such a great teacher! So I feel like I've been very much prepared to step out on my own. I've got another close next Friday and 2 more in September. Mama is doing work and Josh LOVES it. Before I even cashed my check, the paver guy was here giving us a quote for pavers and a fire pit off to the left of the deck. Since football season is here, we spend a ton of time grilling, watching football and hanging out by the fire, so this year we are going to do it in style! 

I think we have a future runner girl on our hands, look at her stride!! This was the race we did last weekend! Too cute for words!


Thursday, August 11, 2016

The one with our Kindergartner...

I just sent Cooper off to Kindergarten on the SCHOOL BUS!!!! Yes, you read that right, my more conservative child wanted to ride the school bus. He was up super early this morning, scarfed down breakfast, was dressed and ready to go with 20 minutes to spare. 20 minutes to spare after I took 100 pictures. We waited in the garage until it was acceptable to walk to the bus stop, where he is surrounded by girls! Josh told him to make sure he sits next to the pretty ones. ha! He gave me one quick kiss and off he was. I'm not the type of person who typically gets emotional on these kind of days, in fact I am usually excited for my kids and for myself (a little peace and quiet never hurt anyone). But as I watched him walk up the bus stairs with that huge grin on his face and not turning back, I found myself with that knot in my throat, telling myself- Hold back those tears Allie. My once "premie" baby who barley filled my arms when I held him was now walking onto that school bus and embarking the best journey of his life! All I can think about is where has the time gone? Some days may seem to linger, but these weeks, months and years FLY. As Kenny Chesney says, Don't Blink.