Sunday, August 26, 2012

The one with the vacation...

See y'all folks in a week or so. We are headed to Pigeon Forge, TN in The Great Smokey Mountains for a week. Josh is mowing the lawn, I am doing last minute things in the house to get ready to leave for a week, and of course making a quick post, and Cooper is still asleep- yes that's right, is 9:00. He made it through is one day of sickness. I had to pick him up at school Friday, he was running a 101 fever. I gave him some baby Advil and he slept most of the afternoon. He was still eating food, so we knew he wasn't THAT sick. Saturday he woke up like is usual self, no fever and running like a wild banshee around the house. So, we decided to head to Grant Park in downtown Atlanta for their Summer in the Shade festival. It was great, relaxing, and truly in the shade. We listened to some reggae music in the lawn and ate frozen yogurt. There were local artist around showcasing their stuff, nothing I was interested in... and of course every restaurant in Atlanta got a booth AND everyone there was eating. No wonder Americans are so fat, we eat ALL THE TIME- we eat when we aren't even hungry. At least we munched on a low fat snack rather than a Philly cheese steak or Caribbean jerk chicken on a stick, nothing about food sitting out all day sounds appealing to me. And with all the smells mixing together from the various vendors I was good with my watermelon frozen yogurt topped with blueberries!! So with that said, I must go make the bed or something so Josh doesn't think I wasn't all morning on the computer!
The cabin
Much love family and friends- see you in September. Happy Labor Day! Enjoy your "free" day off!!


Monday, August 20, 2012

The one with the anniversary....

Happy 2 year anniversary to us!! Wow, time has flown by. 2 years ago today I married my best friend on the most gorgeous afternoon. Well it wasn’t gorgeous until the wedding itself. Gosh, I remember looking out at the beach, getting ready for the biggest day of my life, pouring down rain and all I could do was cry. I was determined not to have an indoor wedding. Josh and I are both so outdoorsy that was the last thing I wanted. My wedding planner kept calling, “Allie we really need to make a decision, do you want to bring the ceremony inside”… I kept saying no, no, no- It’s going to be outside it HAS to be outside. As me and my bridesmaids made our way to the River House, it’s still raining, but I see blue skies… Our driver told me it was good luck to have rain on your wedding day because it washes away all your past and clears the path for your new life! You know what, I totally believe him. When we got there, the rain had stopped, the weather had cooled down (slightly, any relief is great in summer in Florida) and the intercostal water way was a smooth as glass. It made for a perfect ceremony and it truly was. There were lots and lots of happy tears. I remember one point in the ceremony there was silence, right before we prayed and you heard dozens of people in the crowd sniffle (including me and you know who else, JOSH!!) Josh was the one who started all the water works! Oh what a wonderful day, fun party, crazy dancing, delicious food and we are so blessed to have all our friends and family be apart of it!! I wish it didn’t all happen so fast. It was like I blinked my eyes and the night was over, the honey moon was over, Cooper was born and here we are 2 years later… holy cow. I need a remote to slow life down a little bit.

Also, want to shout out to my grandparents, Mamaw and Papa, who have been married 58 years today!! Happy Anniversary!!! We have a lot to learn from you two, you are an inspiration to us all. I just hope Josh and I are as blessed with as many years and some.

I hope everyone has a blessed day and week.


Friday, August 17, 2012

The one with the “Uh-OH Reports”…


As I stated a few weeks ago, we think the terrible two’s are starting. Some people like to call it the terrific two’s however I beg to differ. While Cooper is getting cuter and cuter each day and growing like a weed, his attitude is changing drastically. As it should. He is becoming more and more vocal and expressing his feelings, not so much with his words but short tantrums. At school he expresses himself by biting other kids. I mean like chomping down on other little ones with no relief.  One of the reports said he pushed another kid out of the chair and bit his arm. I know all little kids go through this, or at least most do, you always think your kid is going to be the exception!! The later of the week he has had better behavior in school. AND he is eating most of his food at lunch which entails veggies. I swear they are lying to me, because I can’t get Cooper to eat veggies at home. Maybe one day…

Last weekend we made our way up to Boone, North Carolina for our friend’s wedding. It was GORGEOUS right in the mountains, perfect weather, beautiful wedding  and overall a great time. I know I just ranted a little about Coopers behavior, but I got to say, he was a little angel during the wedding ceremony. Not a peep, you would have never known a 2 year old was there. I learned something new about Cooper this weekend, he has rhythm and LOVES to dance. He was getting it on the dance floor and he isn’t shy with the ladies! He had a lil dancing partner too. It was so cute! Stealing ladies hearts already, it’s just a preview! It was a nice get away for us and a great change of scenery. I loved it up in the mountains, the smell of fresh cool air just puts everything at ease and peace. Maybe I can talk Josh into buying a cabin in the mountains in a few years and we can have family vacay’s! (after the boat!!) We always use to vacation in the mountains when I was growing up. My grandparents had a cabin in Franklin, NC and I remember loving it up there. I was a little bit of a tomboy, climbing trees, hiking through the woods, collecting rocks (Josh still laughs and me and my rock collection—true story) and building teepees outside. But hey I loved it. It would be cool for Cooper to share some of those same experiences (maybe not making teepees OR collecting rocks, I was a bit of a DORK). My main goal with him is to get him to love the outdoors. I don’t want a kid who plays video games all day long. So you know what?? We put away the Wii system and the PlayStation and wont introduce him to it for a LONG time…. Maybe on family game night or something but certainly not on a regular basis. The kid loves being outside anyway, I don’t want to ruin that.

Speaking of cabins and the mountains we are headed up to Pigeon Forge at the end of the month with the McCarty’s (plus us), the Elmore’s and the Herrmann’s. Josh’s dad and step mom rented a big ole cabin for the week- 3 story’s 4 bedrooms in the heart of the mountains. We are really really looking forward to this. It’s going to be a blast. Lots to do around that area and just the beauty of the Smokey Mountains is going to be awesome. PLUS we get to meet Adalynn for the first time. Niki and Brian’s new baby girl. Cooper will get to hang out with his favorite cousin Brooklyn for 7 days straight and will just love having another youngin around to cut up with. Both Josh and I (and I probably speak for all couples involved) we REALLY need this vacation too. We get so caught up in everyday life we forget to spend time with our families. I will definitely have TONS of pictures to post from that trip, so stay tuned.

The McCall's first dance <3

The view

I will try to post more updates on a regular basis, I know I haven’t been the best blogger these past few months. Have a great weekend and until next time.... LOVE

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The one with the rain...

Rain, rain go away... another rainy weekend. So actually its awesome, its a great excuse to be lazy and route for USA in the London Olympic games. We got up this morning and headed to Roswell, we were going to go to a park and let Cooper run around, buuuuuuttt it started raining, so we ate instead! Great alternative huh? We ate at a restaurant called the Fickle Pickle. Pickles were EVERYwhere. Fried pickles, dill pickles, speared pickles, pickled statues, etc. (Now I sound like Bubba Gump, only with pickles) anyway, it was great!

Since we can't play outside, might as well play with the toilet paper!!! On the plus side, he is a great helper, always helping me clean up his mess and toys.

Cooper has been doing pretty good in school despite being a bully. He's been pushing kids down and stealing toys. Everything is "mine"!! However, he has been trying more foods there, even the VEGGIES!! Doesn't sound like him does it? He's been trying peas, mixed veggies, broccoli, say what?? He definitely doesn't try that stuff at home. I guess I gotta start being a little more strict. Some nights he won't even eat pizza, now what kid doesn't want pizza? You know what I say to that, MORE FOR MOMMA!! He's talking a lot more, he knows the teachers name, picking up on colors, objects, animals and their sounds, putting several words together and using is favorite word NO. Which in most cases, really means yes! He loves getting out his books to read, watching Elmo on TV, playing with his cars and putting the pieces together in his puzzles. Of course I think he is borderline genius. I am just waiting for the pediatrician to confirm!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!