Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The one where we party like we're Irish....

Our last name is McCarty, so we have all rights to party for St. Patrick's day! Right? Well we do, just like every other American. This is our 2nd year in a row hosting a seafood party. We had SO much food... 30lbs of Shrimp, 15lbs of Crab Legs, 50lbs of craw fish, 10 lbs of sausage, 50 lbs of oysters, 30lbs of potatoes and 15lbs of corn... I mean we bought a TON of seafood and we had probably about 50-60 people. NO LEFTOVERS. Seriously. We didn't foot the WHOLE bill. We charged people per head. It was so much fun. The kids love it because we are all outside, they can romp and run and roll in the dirt and no one cares. I can't wait until its warm enough for us to have a POOL party, hey now theres an idea!? We've been here since October and haven't been to take advantage of the pool. So anyway, back to the party.... it was great. You know the best part is our parents come. It's always been the other way around, we get dragged to our parents friends houses for the cookout and we actually are the ones hosting it now. Its hilarious to see the Dads out there playing beer pong and corn hole. I love it! It's all the family and friends that I grew up with and the other half is the family and friends Josh grew up with. Its such a blessing we still have such great friends to share fun Holidays with! The clean up was easy! The guys helped pick up everything outside and the ladies helped me inside. So, all in all, we will have a 3rd annual St. Patricks day party... the only thing different next year is we need to add Green Beer and maybe some Irish games! hehe


Thursday, March 13, 2014

The one with my beautiful children...

Have I already used that title? I feel like I would have with how adorable I think my kids are!!! Anyway, these past several days have been AMAZING spring time weather. We have loved being out doors and with Miss Addison being fully mobile, she has loved it too. Cooper has always been a rug rat who loved outside. Yesterday morning I said Cooper, can you go get dressed (yes he picks out his own clothes AND brushes his own teeth!!) so we can go to the store. He replied, "No, me and Daddy are mowing the lawn today...." Everyday, I swear, Everyday Cooper asks to mow the lawn with Daddy. Between mowing the lawn, building camp fires and digging holes, Cooper is truly all boy. Now can our pool just warm up so I can throw him in at the end of the day and call it a bath? It's a salt water pool, so technically is like being in the ocean, and who showers after the beach! HA. Just kidding. But seriously, don't parents use the excuse, no bath tonight because you went swimming today? Yea, that's going to be me!

Addison is fantastic. She still is a pistol. Even more now that she can run from you. She knows what she is doing too. Her sounds and laugh is hilarious. She's becoming more independent, not relying so much on me for attention. We are learning that chalk is for coloring, not eating. We are learning the true meaning of "No Ma'am"... she gets her pouty face on when you tell her no. She's almost a pro at the mini 4-wheeler, it only took a few minutes for her to catch on to that. Next up, pink Barbie Jeep. She can't be sporting the blue and green and me-downs. She needs to feel and look like a princess! She's still me good little eater. I keep telling my self, I won't get lazy, I won't get lazy. When Cooper was her age, I was working a full time job and it was easy to make PB&J all the time... hence his LOVE for them. However, the new rule in the house now, is that Cooper has to try ONE new thing a day. And you know what, the majority of things he says, hey its good. Like he know will eat Mac-N-Cheese. I know what you are thinking, what kid wouldn't love mac-n-cheese from day one, but you know who is father (and grandfather-cough cough, Papa Jeff) are right?!  :) AND Cooper also found out that he does love grapes. So as they say, we are making baby steps... he didn't like Shrimp and we aren't even going to let him try filet Mignon for fear he will love it!