Saturday, August 26, 2017

The one with the first week of school...

I can't quite figure out where the summer went. Some days seem to drag, but looking back I seemed to have blinked and it was over. Thankfully, our kids love school and the transition from late night pallet sleeping back to their own rooms and beds was smooth. Cooper entered 1st grade this year with no first day jitters, no tears and no looking back. He's enjoying his new teacher and new friends. He actually doesn't have any classmates from last year in his class, but he's pretty social and is having no problem meeting new friends. Of course, we are still riding the cheese wagon and we have some more friends riding along now! The bus stop is one happening place and Addison just can't wait to walk on the cheese.

Addison is following right along in the footsteps of Cooper. She started VPK (pre-K) this year and has the same teacher Cooper had, Mrs. Rockwell. She was through the moon excited to start school and be in Mrs. Rockwell's class, she didn't skip a beat. And if you know much about Addison, you know she's a sleeper like her Daddy, but didn't even have to get woke up on the first day of school- she was dressed in her new clothes and shoes before she even walked out of her room.  She comes home everyday, excited to tell me what she did and says, "look mommy, I colored you a picture". I tell you what, we are certainly blessed to have both kids starting out loving school, let's keep it that way- right!


Sunday, August 6, 2017

The one with the Sportsman...

With Josh and Coopers new hobby, fishing, we HAD to get a new boat. We loved the Regal, it got us use to the water and it got the kids comfortable out there, but we totally needed an upgrade. I just didn't think the upgrade was going to happen in 3 days. We sold the Regal on a Friday and by Monday we had a new Sportmans Bay Boat secured.... I've got a sucker for a husband. He soooooooooooo drank the Koolaid and the Greater Jax Boat Show. But you know what, I can't complain. It is slick. It's so versatile, we can spend the day at Ft. George cooking out, cruising to Silver Glen or spend the day off shore fishing. Jaxon even loves it!

Jaxy meets baby Hammerhead