Friday, January 30, 2015

The one with the Holiday Hustle….

I can’t believe how quickly this 2014 has come and gone. It’s 2015, really? We had a wonderful holiday season. We tried to slow life down and actually enjoy it. Instead of fighting the crowds and bringing 2 children in and out of every store, we decided to do much of our shopping on This was amazing!! The kids got a great big gift. The whole family chipped in and we got Cooper and Addison a swing set for the backyard, guess where we got it??? Amazon! The catch there was Josh and his friend Tommy had to put it together….. and 8.5 hours later- you have a glorious playground that the kids LOVE. And the best part is, Cooper isn’t scared of swings anymore. Yay. In fact he likes to go high and fast! They both just love it.

We enrolled the kids in school, a wonderful well rounded Christian School, Mandarin Presbyterian! It’s a little bit further of a drive, but the school and tearchers are amazing. Both kids LOVED it. Cooper didn’t even want to go home. Cooper will actually begin VPK (voluntary pre kindergarten). Where did my baby boy go?? VPK is state funded and is FREE!!!!!! Woot woot. Thank you Florida. And Miss Addison will go Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Both go until noon. So it’s a great school geared towards stay at home mamas. What am I going to do for 4 hours alone? I may just sit in silence. LOL. Seriously, I’ll definitely be sad to send my babies off, but relieved for some solo grocery shopping.

Oh my gosh, with all the hustle, I almost forgot to mention the newest addition to the household! A kiki cat! His name is Miles ( or as Addison calls him, Mo Mo) - he’s fluffy and so sweet! We actually got him from Uncle Curt. He lets Cooper pick him up and carry him around, very mild mannered and friendly. I know some cats can be harsh, but we really lucked out!
Cooper and Addison are really growing to love one another. Not that they didn’t before, but now they play together, talk to one another, encourage one another and of course pick on one another. It makes my heart full to see them interact, they are best friends {most of the time} J They are on the same schedule now, which makes is SO much easier on me. They even wake up at the same time. The best is with both of them come in our bedroom in the morning to wake us up. They snuggle us and we watch cartoons. Now the king size bed is really paying off. I started working with Addison on potty training. Boy would this mama LOVE to be out of diapers. I know my bank account would love it too. She’s not scared of it, in fact loves to sit on it, so we have jumped that hurtle. Now the hard part…. Actually using the potty! Wish me luck. I hear girls are easier than boys, I’ll let you know!