Thursday, April 23, 2015

The one where I throw it back….

You see it every Thursday, #TBT or Throw Back Thursday- and that’s exactly what I am doing today. There are many cool and fun things I remember doing as a kid. But not everything was saved or could be stored in a box in the attic. Don’t get me wrong, my parents stored a ton of my stuff, report cards, baby clothes, stuffed animals, awards, trophies; you name it- if it fit in a box it was saved. Which is totally cool because as I grew older, I was able to look back on my childhood and see that I made straight A’s all the time (well mostly!) and ran the fastest mile in elementary school.  But seriously, when I got married and moved into my own home, I was given all my old toys and things, to share and show with my own children. One of the coolest “hand-me-downs” that I was able to to Cooper (and Addison- but she is more into babies and kitties right now) was a block set that my Papa made. Papa hand made every single wooden block, cylinder, triangle, rectangle, car in this set- you name it… probably 50 or so pieces, all different sizes. The coolest part was, he made THREE sets of these, one for me, Allan and Natalie- his grandchildren. And now that Papa has great grandchildren, my blocks are still just like new and the love and sweat that went into them has been passed on 20 something years later. I guess they should be considered “vintage” toys by now. Anyway, it is so cool to see Cooper playing with these blocks. I mean the kid loves them. I've always said it, but Cooper has the engineer brain like his Daddy. He loves, inventing things with the blocks, building sky scrapers, making me “wine racks”, stacking them on his 4-wheeler. He always has a block in his hand or on the ground in front of his work bench. So, I am going to save as much stuff as possible (without looking like a hoarder) so Cooper and Addison can forever cherish pieces of their childhood like I have been able to.

Current situation at 7:30am!