Friday, September 13, 2013

The one where we count down...

The count down is on baby!!! Everything seems to be in order for our October 1 closing date. ANNNDDD we haven't even started packing yet! If you don't know, Josh and I are the wait til the last minute type of folks. We have always been and probably always will be. I remember being in school and not writing term papers until the night before. My brain just never kicked into gear until it was forced too. Like now, I can think of 100 different things I would rather do than pack... like shop or drink wine! After the burglary we are more anxious than ever to move. Not to mention as the kids grow, this house is getting smaller. Addison is almost mobile, so her toys are all over the floor. Alongside Coopers trucks, blocks, ropes, toy Nerf guns and animals. Oh yea, not to mention the forts I trip over constantly :) If only they had their own play room, ahhhhh seems like a dream, but its reality in a few weeks! I have a feeling we will be spending most of our time in the pool. Speaking of pool, here is a video of Cooper swimming on vacation...

So the other day, I was getting dressed to go have lunch with my friends and Cooper came in the room, he said "Mommy whatcha doin in here? You look beautiful today!". If that doesn't make your heart melt, I don't know what will. His sweet little innocent voice trying to pronounce beautiful was so precious! You know where I think he gets it from? His sweet daddy. Josh my appear like Mr. Hard guy, but he is so sweet and is sure to give this momma some compliments when they are due (I'll take them even when they aren't "due"). It goes to show how great of a father, leader and role model Josh is. Who knew Cooper was picking up so much from just hearing us talk. Glad its the good stuff, with the Gators loss who knows what he heard last Saturday! Good thing its a BYE week :)

As soon as I get the camera out, Coop is ready to run, at least one kid is smiling!

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The one with the family vacation...

After the robbery, we were able to still take our planned vacation to Siesta Key. A week long of no work, no schedules and no baths... yes, no baths (or hardly any...). The 2 story, 3 bedroom beach house we rented also had a pool. So I took on the motto- hey if you went swimming, you took a bath! We didn't spend much time at the beach like we planned. Cooper was more interested in the pool and Addison loved floating in the pool. Anytime she was cranky in the house, you could bring her to the pool and she would flip on her happy switch. So needless to say we are all a little water logged this week. There really isn't much to disclose from the trip, because we were such bums. The house had a grill, so we grilled out each day and night. We saw the sun set one night at the beach. Usually we were cooking or vegged out on the couch to relaxed to move to catch it every night. The beaches are gorgeous over there. Yards and yards of white sand before you get to the crystal clear water. No waves, so there weren't any surfers and no sea shells. I didn't find any sharks teeth like I was hoping. But Cooper did enjoy building sand castles, while Josh, mself and Addie sat in the shade! I must be getting older when I prefer the shade over a nice bronze tan.

Total vacation mode

Grill Master

Sand Angels

The new and trained McCarty beer runner...

We did get to see my old college roomies, Erin and Shannon. It was like a mini reunion. They came over Labor Day. Its funny reminiscing on how much times have changed. Shannon just had a baby girl a month ago, Erin and Ben are getting married next year and I have 2 kids.... what?! It seems like yesterday we were back in college without a care in the world.


The one where we were robbed....

LITERALLY!!! And not a car break in, full on random stranger picked our locks to get in our house. Thank The Lord, he didn't make it past the kitchen. I heard the back door open around 3:15am. It took me a minute to come too, but I could see the male standing  in the between the cracked bedroom door. Talk about heart racing. I hit Josh to wake him up, ( you know, because he's "deaf" in one ear) I said josh someones in the house. It too took him a minute to figure out what I said. Again, Josh someone is in the house. And then he was gone. I'll forever ( or maybe for a while) have that image of a man standing over my kitchen counter stealing from me and my family. Fortunately he only made out with my phone, both our wallets, about $20 and my mental sanity! The cops came, but the guy was long gone.... In speaking with all the neighbors, another 3 cars were burglarized too. And why he chose to break in our house is beyond me, probably on drugs. But we are safe, so that's all that matters!

So some good news: Cooper is peeing in the potty! We just haven't got to the whole poop thing down yet, I guess that will come with time too. But he will go on his own now- still working on the aiming, but does that really ever get any better?! LOL The sticker/ cookie incentive worked. Look at what a few weeks did. We don't do the stickers anymore, he kinda forgot about those and the cookies I would give him! Which is probably a good thing! Anyway, we are making progress. Any tips on how to make kids poop in the toilet?

his new favorite expression, as in "No more pics Mom"

Addison had her 6 month check up. She's doing GREAT. 17lbs 3oz. and she's in the 89% for being so long, she is 26 inches. She's also getting up on all fours, ready to crawl any day now. Which the doc said they usually crawl around 9 months, but I think she is watching Cooper run around and wants to be just like him. She is all smiles when she looks at him. They are both so cute together. We are very blessed to have such a close loving family!