Saturday, March 23, 2013

The one where she's a month old...

Happy Birthday Addison! She's one month old today (well actually yesterday- I couldn't get the pictures to upload yesterday). And I am going to do something I didn't do for Cooper…. although I am sure if I went through his pictures I could put a timeline of pictures together like I am going to do for her. Monthly, on Addison's birthday, I am going to take a picture and at the end of one year, put it all together in a collage and see how much she's grown and changed. I got the idea from my work mom, her daughter is doing that with their new son, Owen- who was born just 2 days before Addison. We were actually scheduled for our C-sections the same day, she just went early. I was jealous! So here is miss Addisons' one month old picture. I think she's changed so much already. Actually kinda looks like me when I was a baby… I don't think she looks like Cooper too much anymore, although others still think so. But then again, they change so much over the first year, who knows who she will look like!

We are doing pretty good. It seems like Addison has been colicky. There were several days last week she would just cry and cry and nothing I would do could console her. Until my neighbor told me to put fennel water in her bottle. I will say that has helped somewhat. At least we aren't crying for almost 4 hours straight.  I am going to switch up her formula once she finishes what I have. I hate to waste the $50 in milk I just bought for her…. back to the Target brand like I did with Cooper. Maybe my kids just don't require the fancy stuff! She's been sleeping pretty good at nights, once I finally get her down, which is usually around midnight. She is a little night owl (like her dad). You might say that she has her days and nights mixed up. Although she sleeps a lot during the day, she's is up late afternoon through midnight. Just dozing in and out of sleep.

Cooper is still awesome. He's proving to be a wonderful big brother. We spotted him on the baby monitor trying to give his bear to Addison while she was crying in her crib. If you know anything about Cooper, that is his bear and he takes it everywhere… so once he realized if he dropped it in the crib he wasn't getting it back with out our help, he came into to tell us the "baby is crying, the baby is crying!" He loves helping me with Addison and loves to tell me when she is crying. It's actually super cute. I think he really loves her already!

the handsome big brother
I was finally able to take my 4 generations picture! I have one from when my great grandmother was still alive, so I had to keep the tradition going. I'll get another one when Addison is a little older too!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Thursday, March 7, 2013

The one with my new job...

I officially started my new job, February 22 at 9:21am... Mother of 2! I was nervous leading up to the "start date". Josh kept saying you've got this- Cooper was the game changer so this one will be easy. It's wild how much you forget. My mind and body are already in the toddler stage with Cooper, so I'm reverting back to infant stage.... oh and sleep, whats that?  I forgot how long recovery was, I forgot how often babies eat and poop and I forgot how little sleep I got in at one time. Addison is eating every 3-4 hours, which totally cuts in to my 9 hour nights! Recovery seems longer. I can't lift Cooper for 4-6 weeks. I've got lots of healing to do, since they sliced right through the middle of me. But after all this I wouldn't change it for the world, nor would I want to go back to my old job, Mother of 1. Last night at my 4am feeding I couldn't help but smile at her (even though I can't remember the last time I had been that tired). She is such a perfect little angel, I find my self staring at her all day and kissing her little cheeks as much as possible. I'm still the same way with Cooper. So I know when they are older their over affectionate mom will totally embarrass them and plant one right on them with hot pink lipstick in front of all their friends!

I know I mentioned how awesome Cooper is doing, but it's totally worth another shout out. He's PERFECT and the best big brother. I think its because Josh and I still really focus on Cooper. Since I'm not breast feeding I'm able to let Cooper help feed her. He loves holding her. If Addison is sleeping, he is always wanting to know where she is. During the days together, we all 3 read books on the couch. Both of them sit on my lap. But he needs more mommy and me time (this is where my job becomes Preschool Teacher). I am going to start taking Cooper to the library for reading classes. It's free entertainment and will be nice to get out of the house. The library also offers art classes for kids his age, that is free as well. He needs to be around other toddlers in different settings than just playing. I thought about daycare, but I'm not interested in paying $200 a week, when I stay at home. I've been trying to teach him things myself. We are working on colors, numbers and coloring. Right now, everything is green. He's good counting to 3. And as you know, we are working coloring on paper, not tables. He loves reading books and probably has them all memorized. So I broke out my Dr. Seuss books from when I was a kid. I have probably 20 or so, so it will take a while for him to memorize those, PLUS we will be able to check out books from the library once I become a member.

All in all, I think I worried my self too much about how I was going to juggle 2 kids and different schedules. But so far so good. They are pretty much on the same schedule for waking up, breakfast and lunch. I even get to relax in the afternoon when both kiddos are sleeping. I know my job will only get harder as Addison and Cooper get older, but I'm up for the challenge of being SUPER MOM!


Monday, March 4, 2013

The one with Miss Addison Kate...

Our sweet baby girl has arrived!!! Addison Kate McCarty is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. She's truly an angel. She was born Friday, February 22, 2013 at 9:21am. That morning was flawless. The doctors were right on time, walking me back to the OR at 9am.... and our lives officially changed, for the better!

Headed to the hospital at 6:30am
The morning at Baptist South, Jacksonville
All hooked up and ready to rock
Addison was born at 9:21am, 7lbs 11oz and 21 inches long. As the doctor was pulling her out, she said, we have a "chunky baby, wow she's a chunky monkey". I was thinking geeze, maybe she is like 10lbs, since I did gain 40!!! But to my surprise she was average. Lots of hair. She came out screaming. I remember holding my breath, waiting for that cry. Once I heard it, I started crying. I think Josh was crying too, but it was hard to tell since I had him on camera duty. He pretty much watched the whole C-section (YUCK!). The doctor was giving me a play by play of her actions, which totally made me more nervous and nauseous than I already was. But I knew what was going on every step of the way, I think I was only on the operating table for like 30 minutes. The doctors let Josh do something really awesome, something that was not offered in Atlanta when we had Cooper. He got to cut the umbilical cord. It was tough, he described it as cutting through an old stale hotdog that had been sitting out.... Anyway, recovery went good for me. I had the spinal tap, which wears off in 3 hours so I was getting feeling back pretty quickly. Before I knew it, it was time for visitors to start arriving... In case you were curious, Cooper was at home with Papa Jeff and Mar. They drove in town from Ohio to be with Cooper. Cooper did great with them and came up to the hospital both Friday and Saturday. I remember Friday he ran in the hospital room. He was so excited to see me and Josh. It melted my heart.

The chunky monkey

Such a proud Daddy

perfect princess
ready to go home

Cooper has been the BEST big brother. It is doing even better than we expected. He's always wanting to know where "the baby" is. He put his stepping stool right next to her changing station so he can help with changing her diapers. He likes to hold the bottle and often asks to hold her. He gives her lots of kisses and is pretty gentle when she is around. He is somewhat more clingy to both Josh and I, but nothing that we didn't expect. But he's not a brat about it. I think he truly realizes Addison is his baby sister and she's staying!

Cooper has big really big into coloring. I've been working on the colors with him and teaching him how to color. I guess I never mentioned that he should only color on paper. I stepped out for a minute and here is his master piece....

And finally, I've posted one of these before, but it's not often that 4 McCarty generations are in a room together. How cool, huh!?!