Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The one to be thankful for...

Many of you know, my Papa was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years back. It’s been a rough few years and even a tougher month. I’ve always heard of the disease, knew a little bit about it, but never truly understood what it was all about (and I still have a lot to learn). My Mamaw has been taking care of him now for a while, on her own, and just recently had to relinquish the control and let someone else take care of him. He had been falling a lot at home, so she’s been quite familiar with the rescue guys and just couldn’t continue taking those risks.

So for about a month now, Papa has a new home, its called Elmcroft. It’s not as cozy and doesn’t smell like chicken casserole (which is a good thing if you’ve had it!), but he’s getting adjusted, as are we. The kids and I were there today, since he won’t be joining us for Thanksgiving this year {bringing him around a crowd is stressful on him and unsafe without a trained caregiver}. The kids are too adjusting, it’s hard to explain why Mamaw and Papa don’t live together anymore. But to them, right now, it’s a cool new place, with a new bed to jump on.  I’ve been stocking his room with crayons, coloring books and games. They even have an outdoor patio for visiting, I think we will play soccer there next.

Anyway, today as we were leaving, I gave him a hug, told him “Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you in a few days, Love you Papa”. After a minute went by, he finally responded with "I love you". And while I don’t think he totally knows who I am, I think he knows I’m family. It’s so hard to see him sitting, with almost no emotion or expression. Selfishly I think this disease is more difficult for me than it is him. He doesn't know what he doesn't know... But I know, He was always this man who was into everything with me. We built birdhouses, teepees, dressed up like police officers, romped through the woods and would sing “far far way, or down by the river”- his personal favs. He loved being outside and was into things in his workshop. Today was a hard realization looking into his eyes and knowing he would not be at the Thanksgiving table.

However, I am thankful I got to grow up with him by my side. I am thankful we had many many good memories, many I am able to share with my own children and many values he taught me that I want to instill in my own family. But what I am most thankful for is I can still wrap my arms around his neck and tell him I love him and to that I can be at peace...
Our visit today!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Friday, November 20, 2015

The one with our champion...

Cooper just finished his first baseball season. I’ve got to say, I was overall impressed. It’s not easy to coach a bunch of 4-5 year olds who have never played before and have the attention span of a fly. I was one of the team moms, so I helped get the kids organized and in the correct batting order, oh and a tough job was keeping them in the dugout…. The kids don’t sit still and would rather be climbing a tree than waiting their turn to bat. Every game involved us yelling, “Cooper- Baseball ready!” Usually he had his back turned to the hitter or he was drawings circles in the clay with his cleats or he was just simply staring off into the clouds while sitting. But he wasn’t the only one, if the kids weren’t hitting, they had no interest. Which is why the coaches also played the field with them, not only to teach them the rules, but also ensure they don’t get knocked out with the ball because they aren’t paying attention. Coopers strength was hitting the ball (and since no kid got out and no score was kept- trust me, I know what your thinking, that Nissan commercial where every kid gets a participant trophy, score is kept in the next age group, we are too competitive in the south to all be winners!) he made it to first base every time. But seriously, he does have a good swing and surprisingly enough, isn’t shy when he’s out there. He did have a few good stops at the ball when he was paying attention, but he thought it was pretty boring when he wasn’t hitting and running the bases. Overall consensus, we will start soccer in the spring and sit out next season of baseball. We need something with more action.
The Yankees first game

Best Buds


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The one with my smarty pants...

We’ve been in school now for a few months and I’ve got to say, these kids are rocking it out. They are both doing extremely well…. I mean did you expect anything less? Addison is already counting to 10 and knows her shapes and colors. She is also forming complete sentences and is talking more than ever. Which means she totally understands me, but chooses to ignore me anyway. She is very strong willed (like her Dad). Thank God I know where they sell wine. Cooper is doing great, learning to write, color in the lines, spell, count and do math. He is truly loving school. They have an after school program called “lunch bunch” that Cooper did for the first time yesterday. He stayed at school until 3PM and when I picked him up, he actually cried because he didn’t want to go home. He’s also learning that mommy isn’t as cool as she once was. I guess he was going to learn that eventually!
Everyday Attire


Also in other news, we just celebrated a HUGE milestone… we have a FIVE year old in the house, woot woot! Happy Birthday to Cooper!!! This birthday was by far the best thus far. He totally understands what it means to have a birthday and what it means to turn 5. I struggled with planning his big day, only because November seems to be a busy month for birthdays, but I finally got it together and planned. He woke up the morning of his birthday and said Mom, I woke up 5 today! All week, he couldn’t wait! I brought cupcakes to his school and all his friends sang. On the way home, he said Mom, I can’t wait to be six…. And then seven. I had to stop him (even though I love to hear him show off his counting abilities). I said let’s just enjoy one day of you being five before we starting wishing the next birthday. I remember being the same way, just couldn’t wait to be another year older. As kids we are start wishing it away and now as adults, we get depressed to turn another year and looking back it seems childhood flew by way too fast. Fortunately for Josh and me, we have a 2nd chance at childhood! We get to raise two beautiful spunky loving kids! I try to slow time down, but honestly I think it fly’s faster as a parent. Anyway, Cooper got lots of cool presents. He’s totally into all the superhero, transformer, star wars stuff and he got enough to last him til Christmas! HA. Hopefully Santa is on a budget this year, I am running out of storage.
Look who's FIVE

Birthday Boy
School Pictures

Donuts with Dad

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

I’ll try not to make it so long before my next update!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The one with the first day...

It’s here and gone, the first day of school. I’ve got to say both kids did amazing, and still are doing amazing. WAY better than I thought considering they have been home with me with what seems like forever. Well, none of us shed a tear. It was nothing but happy and exciting.
The kids started Mandarin Presbyterian Preschool. Cooper is in a state funded pre-kindergarten program and Addison is in the two year old preschool class. Cooper’s teacher, Mrs. Rockwell says he is just the sweetest thing. It’s funny, I thought the first thing that Cooper would tell me about his day would be the playground, but he hasn’t really mentioned it. He talks about his friends, the kid scissors he gets to use and the painting and coloring. I think he is really going to thrive in this program. His class does ABC cooking, so for each letter they make a food, so for "B", they made Brown Bear Biscuits (lots of sugar) but this may be a huge break through for Cooper and his trying new foods, he may break out of his shell a little bit when he sees other kids trying new things. So far so good, its been easy like Apples, but when they get to something like "P" where its peas or pigs in a blanket, he may be challenged a bit! But he will most likely be starving, so desperate times call for desperate measures, right?! I'll keep you posted :)
Anyway, both of them love it…. And you know who else loves it??? MOM, I get THREE whole hours to myself. Which entails running, cleaning, showering, running errands and a little consulting work- (yes, all in 3 hours). It’s amazing what you can do in a quiet house alone! But I have to admit, I do love the afternoons more. I pick the kiddos up at lunch time, so we get to eat together and still have all day to be together. I know I won’t have days like these for long, so I am really trying to soak it up now!


Friday, August 21, 2015

The one with the anniversary....

Today we celebrate our five year anniversary, which is peanuts compared to my own grandparents who share the same day. Five years ago, I stood before God, my family and my friends and I stood next to Josh, promising to love him through richer and poorer and in sickness and in health. I remember that day with so many emotions. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara. And if you were at the wedding, there was a moment in time that was completely silent, except for the sniffles. I think everyone was in tears. I myself, remember crying a ton, laughing a lot and dancing even more. I don’t think there was a foot in that ballroom that didn’t make it to the dance floor. It was such a great day and looking back it seemed to have happened way too quickly. Josh and I were just talking about it the other night, wanting to do it all over again. We spent so much time and money getting ready for the big day, and when we blinked we are five years later, two children later, two cities and houses later. But we couldn’t be in a better place. I must say we have had a ton of happiness, changes, stresses, sadness, laughs and cries…. But there is no other person on this planet that I would rather wake up next to. With him I am safe. I am genuinely happy. I feel loved. And with Cooper and Addison, I feel like our family is complete. I couldn't ask for more and I don't think I can be any happier. Happy Anniversary to my better half (but we know who is better looking, right!?) Cheers to many more years of living the dream and loving life together.


Monday, August 17, 2015

The one with my little secret...

SHHHHHHHH!!! Don't tell- but this is kind of embarrassing but my favorite fast food restaurant is White Castle. And if you live in Florida, like me, the only White Castles you can get are in your local grocery’s freezer section. So when we were in Ohio a few months ago, we were on our way home from a long day at the zoo, I was taking a small cat nap in the front seat. I woke up to Josh slamming on breaks and doing a hard right turn. Instinct of course sets in, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING? I look right and saw those lights beaming over White Castle. It was like heavens gates opened and were shinning down. I was grinning ear to ear. I know it sounds so ridiculous, but those hot fresh little squares are AMAZING (and no I am NOT pregnant). I just really really like White Castle. So, we ordered and I savored it. And in between bites, I kept telling Josh how amazing and thoughtful he was. I know, its embarrassing, I even have pictures to prove it. I don’t often right about just me, so boom- there it is. I’m in love with White Castle. The crave is a powerful thing...


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The one with the TRUE stay at home mom....

Josh keeps reminding me, Allie you haven’t posted a blog in a long time. Well the truth is, once we got back from Ohio, I was slightly disabled. True story. I cut two fingers on my left hand with hedge trimmers at Jeff and Deanna’s on vacation. I know what you are thinking…. What was I doing yard work on vacation for. Well Jeff is only home a few weeks at a time, the kids were cool and hanging out with Deanna and Josh and I decided we would help out a little bit. Apparently that was God telling me to relax for a little bit. Anyway, I would up in the ER. My fingers were too serrated for stiches, so they glued me up. I have never been more close to passing out before than that day. Thank goodness for Deanna squeezing my other hand, telling me to breath. I saw stars and thought I was lights out. She saved me. Anyway, long story short… I was out of commission for several weeks using only my left hand. It was difficult getting myself dressed let alone the kids. Thank goodness I am passed that and healed. So back to our Ohio trip, Cooper was in hog heaven up on the farm. He woke up every morning ready to help Papa Jeff. Cooper loved riding a real tractor and feeding the horses. Cooper's favorite horse was Sunny. Naturally he was from Florida. Addison was more into the barn cat than anything, although she did like feeding the horses too! She is the crazy cat kid. Obsessed. Cooper is ready for his solo summer trip for sure. He'd be a great farm boy. He loves the outdoor life and yard stuff!

True Cowboy

Columbus Zoo

How cool is this?!!!

So, what the heck have the McCarty’s been up to?? Well, as usual we’ve been beaching it and swimming tons. Addison can now swim on her own. Both are kids are swimmie free! Its so cool to see. They are both like fish. I am hoping they both get into swimming as a sport. Amongst other things. Cooper starts baseball next month, we will get Addison into soccer first. (Her Daddy doesn’t think Cheerleading is a sport, so I’ll start with gymnastics and ease him in!) They BOTH start school this month. Can you believe it, Cooper is in preschool! Which means he starts Kindergarten next year. Time flies fast with kids.

Happy 4th!


I was “laid” off at CAT last month (the job I have been at forever). I was on contract since I came back after Addison so I was easily expendable under tough times. All is good, because Josh is crushing it at his new job. He is really kicking butt these last few weeks. I couldn’t be more proud and blessed to have such a hard working husband who gives me the freedom to stay at home and raise our kiddos. While some days may be tough and force me to watch the clock tick to 5:00, I am reminded daily of how fortunate I am to stay at home with these guys. I thought I was ready to go back to work, I even had several interviews, but the more I thought about missing parades and holiday lunches at the kids school, I was saddened. I have the rest of my life to work, why would I give up these few shorts years when my kids actually want to be seen with me. So you know what??? I am embracing it. Sometimes I may have kalua in my coffee just to get me through the morning and some mornings I run of straight adrenaline. Either way, I am thankful for my hardworking husband!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

The one where I throw it back….

You see it every Thursday, #TBT or Throw Back Thursday- and that’s exactly what I am doing today. There are many cool and fun things I remember doing as a kid. But not everything was saved or could be stored in a box in the attic. Don’t get me wrong, my parents stored a ton of my stuff, report cards, baby clothes, stuffed animals, awards, trophies; you name it- if it fit in a box it was saved. Which is totally cool because as I grew older, I was able to look back on my childhood and see that I made straight A’s all the time (well mostly!) and ran the fastest mile in elementary school.  But seriously, when I got married and moved into my own home, I was given all my old toys and things, to share and show with my own children. One of the coolest “hand-me-downs” that I was able to to Cooper (and Addison- but she is more into babies and kitties right now) was a block set that my Papa made. Papa hand made every single wooden block, cylinder, triangle, rectangle, car in this set- you name it… probably 50 or so pieces, all different sizes. The coolest part was, he made THREE sets of these, one for me, Allan and Natalie- his grandchildren. And now that Papa has great grandchildren, my blocks are still just like new and the love and sweat that went into them has been passed on 20 something years later. I guess they should be considered “vintage” toys by now. Anyway, it is so cool to see Cooper playing with these blocks. I mean the kid loves them. I've always said it, but Cooper has the engineer brain like his Daddy. He loves, inventing things with the blocks, building sky scrapers, making me “wine racks”, stacking them on his 4-wheeler. He always has a block in his hand or on the ground in front of his work bench. So, I am going to save as much stuff as possible (without looking like a hoarder) so Cooper and Addison can forever cherish pieces of their childhood like I have been able to.

Current situation at 7:30am!


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The one where Cooper makes me belly laugh...

So I thought this would be a funny one to share, Cooper says the funniest things... (Addison will be there one day, she is almost making complete sentences!!) But, I think I get in a good belly laugh daily from Cooper daily on the things he says. He’s becoming quite the Christian, scholar and teenager… so with that, I hope you enjoy this as much as me-

The last time we were at McDonald's, my juice box did not have a straw, so I had to drink it like a beer.

Mom Jesus told me I don’t have to eat all my food.

Me: Cooper what is your sister doing?
Cooper: I don’t know, she’s being quite as a mouse.

Mommy did you know that witch and bitch rhyme?

Mommy, are there bad people in this world? Is it because they don’t know Jesus?

Uncle David told me that when I fall down and get a boo boo, I need to be tough. I need to be a tough guy all the time. (If you didn't know, David is our USMC devil dog!)

I slept in a really long time today, like daddy, so I can be big and strong.

Mom, you need to drink water all day long. It helps you poop.

Mom, I need you to do me a favor today, can you vacuum my room again?

Mommy, I slept with my eyes closed last night, did you know that?

You know, now that I think about it... I actually may take some of his advice, he is pretty smart for a 4 year old!