Friday, August 21, 2015

The one with the anniversary....

Today we celebrate our five year anniversary, which is peanuts compared to my own grandparents who share the same day. Five years ago, I stood before God, my family and my friends and I stood next to Josh, promising to love him through richer and poorer and in sickness and in health. I remember that day with so many emotions. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara. And if you were at the wedding, there was a moment in time that was completely silent, except for the sniffles. I think everyone was in tears. I myself, remember crying a ton, laughing a lot and dancing even more. I don’t think there was a foot in that ballroom that didn’t make it to the dance floor. It was such a great day and looking back it seemed to have happened way too quickly. Josh and I were just talking about it the other night, wanting to do it all over again. We spent so much time and money getting ready for the big day, and when we blinked we are five years later, two children later, two cities and houses later. But we couldn’t be in a better place. I must say we have had a ton of happiness, changes, stresses, sadness, laughs and cries…. But there is no other person on this planet that I would rather wake up next to. With him I am safe. I am genuinely happy. I feel loved. And with Cooper and Addison, I feel like our family is complete. I couldn't ask for more and I don't think I can be any happier. Happy Anniversary to my better half (but we know who is better looking, right!?) Cheers to many more years of living the dream and loving life together.


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