Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family and Friends, here is the link for the picutres taken in Ohio...


Monday, April 25, 2011

The one with the four generations...

The 4 Generations
When you have 4 McCarty males under one roof for 5 days you know it's T.R.O.U.B.L.E. We traveled to the country last week, Jackson, Ohio for Easter. And when I mean country I mean the deer in your front yard are your pets and the truck stop 10 miles down the road has the best breakfast in all 3 neighboring towns.... It is the simple life and we loved it. Both of Deanna's kids and their significant others with their girls were there too. Jeff and Deanna live the life. They have 8 horses on 20 plus acres. It is beautiful!

The McCarty Home
It rained practically the whole time we were there, but we certainly made the best of it and had some awesome family time! HEY FAMILY! Deanna, Autumn, Brooklyn and I went to the outlet malls one of the days. When you get that many women together that's what we do best. Cooper made out with about 10 new summer outfits. Since we go on the cruise in August he's got to be stylish (or as Josh would say "pimpin"). We did make it out to the barn so Cooper could ride his first horse. HA! Just kidding, maybe we can talk Papa Jeff into getting a pony!!!! Josh and I gained about 5 pounds each from all the good home cookin and of course from the beer :)

Rosie, the new baby on the farm
Cooper got to meet his 2 cousins, Brooklyn (our flower girl as many of you know) and Ava. He loved both of them. Anytime they were in the same room his eyes were fixated on them. He wanted to play. You could see it in his squirmy feet, just so antsy to get up and run. Brooklyn had a special way of always making him smile and laugh. He was mesmerized! We were hoping to bring Brooklyn back with us to keep him entertained.... Autumn and Brian wouldn't budge.

Brooklyn and Cooper

We got professional pictures taken of all three kids. Cooper was a stud and did great! Photogenic, like his mommy :) We aren't sure when we will get those. They took pictures in several outfits so we are anxious to get them!

And finally the Easter bunny came to visit Cooper. It's funny, he brought all of his daddy's favorite candy.....

Cheers to FAMILY!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The one with Grandpa Butch....

Happy Saturday! It is absolutely gorgeous here in Atlanta and I'm sitting indoors.... what is wrong with me?! Well ok, I was outside for about a half hour PULLING WEEDS, really, what is wrong with me?! I walked out the back door and all I saw were weeds. They bothered me so badly I was on my hands and knees pulling them. I now have a new appreciation and understanding as to why my parents spent their weekends outside. It is hard work keeping the yard up to par.

Cooper is taking is morning nap and Grandpa and Josh are working in the basement. So I have a little quiet time to myself, other than the hammering I hear from downstairs every now and then. Grandpa and Josh are installing all of the outlets and lights and doing all the wiring in the basement today. As you probably know, Josh wants his man cave up and fulling functioning by football season! So, we are going to be VERY busy until August. I said I would help paint. That's about all I am good for! Josh has spent countless of hours designing the basement from the outlets to the TV's to where we are going to put the couch... I am so anxious to see it complete. I just know it is going to be awesome, a true man cave....

Weekend picture preview...


Monday, April 11, 2011

The one with the sunglasses....

Nothing too exciting going on in the McCarty Casa… Yesterday was Sunday so you know Josh was smoking! Smoking Chicken, that is. He is really perfecting his skills. Come visit us for the weekend and see for your self! It was delicious as usual. 

Cooper ran his first 5K this weekend with his mommy and daddy (or should I say he was escorted)! It was a heck of a race up and down these Georgia hills.  I miss Florida for its flat land. At least we finished....

The rest of the day we laid by the pool and grilled out at Cousin J’s apartment. It was Coop’s first poolside experience. I know he will love it when the water warms up. He has Floridian blood. Even though the water was too cold, it didn't stop Cooper from lookin so fly! Can you believe how big he looks? The sunglasses didn't bother him at all, he knows he's sweet.

We are getting the house ready for Grandpa Butch to visit us this weekend. It is his first time in Atlanta so we have to show him around…. Any ideas? What is your favorite thing to do here?

Love y'all

Monday, April 4, 2011

The McCarty Casa after a weekend of yard work! If you look close enough you can see the flowers we planted. 

Cooper lovin his new Jeep just like Daddy! Thanks grandpa Jeff and Deanna!

It just wouldn't be Sunday without a cookout for the two of us.... Go big or Go home

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The one that started it all...

Hello family and friends! This is the first McCarty blog post. This website is about all of us in our everyday lives. We will post new additions to the house, pictures of our hikes, runs and vacations, updates to our jobs and what you want to see the most, pictures of Cooper!

So for starters, this has been one of the most relaxing weekends we have had in a LONG time! Friday night we painted the downstairs bathroom and an accent wall in the living area. We killed 2 bottles of wine while painting, so our next project is damage control on all the base boards and ceiling. Yes, we did tape the ceiling and base boards off, but some how paint managed to end up everywhere! To say the least, painting was finally fun.

Saturday we slept in, something unheard of amongst all new parents because Cooper slept until NOON! He definitely takes after Josh. I don't know how the kid can sleep so much, but it is a blessing, especially on Saturday mornings... anyway when we finally got moving we had our first session of serious yard work. Josh had me out there on all fours pulling weeds. And I am thinking to my self, isn't this why we pay someone $35 every month to come and spray. But like a good wife, I helped. We planted lots of flowers in the front to spruce the place up and add color. I'm excited once things start to bloom and spring really kicks in. To credit Josh and his many years of lawn maintenance experience, we have the ONLY house on the block with green grass. Yes thats right, the ONLY house with green grass and now the ONLY house without weeds :)

Finally the day of rest: One more day to enjoy the suburban life. We don't have much on the agenda... Josh went golfing with the neighbor and here I am... starting The McCarty blog! 


Allie, Josh and Cooper