Sunday, April 29, 2012

The one with Sunday Funday....

Happy Sunday everyone.... and Happy Birthday to my Grandma Herrmann who turned 89 yesterday!!! Dad has been over in Alabama all week, spending some quality time with her. At the rate she is going there is no doubt she will live another 20 plus years! She is doing amazing! Next year, we are going to have to plan a big bash for her.

Today Josh, Cooper and I (we had to leave Hank at home for this outing) went to a Spring Festival down in the city. There were a lot of art vendors, a lot of food vendors and our fav, a lot of beer vendors! We walked around the streets of Inman park, had a couple beers, soaked up the sun rays and enjoyed local artists work. We gawked at the gorgeous houses that lined the streets, many we may never be able to afford but it sure was nice to look. After a few hours, Cooper started to get antsy. Luckily there was a kid zone and when we got there Cooper took off running. There was toddler area the he just ate up! Although he did get upset when the other kids tried to steal his toys. Cooper held his own against what looked liked a 3-4 year old and yanked his toy back. He wasn't giving up the lawn mower, after all Cooper had it first! His favorite part, of course, was the slide.

Yet again, we are arriving at another Monday.... Have a great week!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The one with Hank...

We had a great weekend and I am already ready for another one. Don’t you think that we should work Saturday and Sunday and have off Monday thru Friday??? I hate spending so much time away from my family, but such as life. Anyway, the weekend was filled with lots of love and family. My grandparents came to visit late last week for the weekend. They really got to spend some quality time with Cooper which I think they had been lacking (and spending time with me and Josh). They got to “experience” the green egg and loved every bit of it. Sunday, my dad came in town for the night. He too, got some of the EGG. Josh smoked some of the best ribs I have ever had, literally. My mouth is watering thinking of them. AMAZING. I am thinking we need to open up a BBQ restaurant. With our families good home southern style cookin recipes and Josh’s grill skills, it would be a hit. Now I just need to learn how to cook those recipes!

Mamaw and Papa <3

Thank you Mamaw and Papa!!


The main event of the weekend took place at the Animal Shelter, where we found and adopted a cat, Hank (formally known as Yogi). He is the newest addition to the family. Hank is about 6 months old. Cooper just loves him. Since we got him at a shelter he is a little skittish especially when a toddler is running towards him. LOL. Cooper runs around with the feathered bell toy looking for “ki-ki”, which in Coopers language is Kitty Cat. He was so excited when we got home yesterday from school to find the ki-ki. Hank is doing great thus far. He already knows where is litter box is, where his food is and loves being around all of us. I hear him purr all the time. He is a feisty little one at night too. I know they say cats are nocturnal, but we are going to need to get this one trained to sleep when we sleep!!
Hanky Pants
We had Kelly and Jason’s wedding, Easter weekend. It was a total success: gorgeous bride, amazing weather, beautiful ceremony and rocking reception! We had a blast. The whole day was so emotional, when it’s one of your best friends you can’t help but feel this over whelming happiness. We’ve known each other since we were kids. So seeing her marry the man of her dreams and the man she always hoped she would find brought tears to my eyes all day. I was even crying when I was walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid. Crazy, I know, but the waterworks were flowing!! I think we (all the bridesmaids) felt the same. She was such a stunning bride! I took a picture off Facebook the her photographer posted: West House Photography, Krystal really did a fanatic job!!!

West House Photography

PhotoBooth Bridesmaids
I have a few photos from the weekend….

Cool Cat


Saturday, April 14, 2012

The one with the independent baby....

Check this cute lil video out... I have been working with Cooper everyday using a spoon or a fork. It looks like he is FINALLY starting to get it. It may not be pretty but its so darn cute! Soon he won't need his momma to help he eat.

He is doing good in school. I picked him up yesterday and he was wearing a cute girly back pack, running around the class room. It was soo funny. Then a cried when I took it off!! He isn't a big lunch eater at school. He really loves the snacks.... as for the chicken casserole with the "hidden" peas and carrots- not so much. When I was growing up, I loved Kid Kuisines, cheese quesadillas and ravioli. My mom just made sure I popped in a Flintstones vitamin daily, so I think I am going to take up the same motto. Look at me now, I eat everything!! Last night I sat there and tried to feed him green beans. He totally wasn't having it. Screaming and crying until he couldn't breathe. I sat there the whole time, calm. Each time he took a small breather I would try to feed him again. He would tell me NO. He didn't even like the green beans sitting on his plate. So I gave in after 15 minutes of screaming and gave him chicken nuggets!! I thought if I waited long enough he might actually eat the green beans, but not so much. It isn't really a battle I want to fight. He obviously isn't malnourished, so for the time being if my kid only wants chicken nuggets and fruit, so be it :)  OH YEA, we got his school pictures this week!!! So cute! I can't wait for you all to see. I will post them soon.

So it is 8:30 Saturday morning, Josh is playing golf with Allan and Cooper is still in bed. We are so blessed to have a child who actually enjoys sleeping or at least lays in his crib until he hears someone up. It is nice to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and quiet! All you mommas out there KNOW what I am talking about!!! After his bath last night, I could totally tell he was tired. I asked him if he wanted to go "Night Night" and he grabbed his bear off the floor and headed straight for his crib and put his hands up. I pinched my self to make sure I wasn't dreaming!!! I put him in bed and not a peep. I usually NEVER hear anything from him once he goes to sleep. We are truly blessed with an angel :)