Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The one to be thankful for...

Many of you know, my Papa was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years back. It’s been a rough few years and even a tougher month. I’ve always heard of the disease, knew a little bit about it, but never truly understood what it was all about (and I still have a lot to learn). My Mamaw has been taking care of him now for a while, on her own, and just recently had to relinquish the control and let someone else take care of him. He had been falling a lot at home, so she’s been quite familiar with the rescue guys and just couldn’t continue taking those risks.

So for about a month now, Papa has a new home, its called Elmcroft. It’s not as cozy and doesn’t smell like chicken casserole (which is a good thing if you’ve had it!), but he’s getting adjusted, as are we. The kids and I were there today, since he won’t be joining us for Thanksgiving this year {bringing him around a crowd is stressful on him and unsafe without a trained caregiver}. The kids are too adjusting, it’s hard to explain why Mamaw and Papa don’t live together anymore. But to them, right now, it’s a cool new place, with a new bed to jump on.  I’ve been stocking his room with crayons, coloring books and games. They even have an outdoor patio for visiting, I think we will play soccer there next.

Anyway, today as we were leaving, I gave him a hug, told him “Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you in a few days, Love you Papa”. After a minute went by, he finally responded with "I love you". And while I don’t think he totally knows who I am, I think he knows I’m family. It’s so hard to see him sitting, with almost no emotion or expression. Selfishly I think this disease is more difficult for me than it is him. He doesn't know what he doesn't know... But I know, He was always this man who was into everything with me. We built birdhouses, teepees, dressed up like police officers, romped through the woods and would sing “far far way, or down by the river”- his personal favs. He loved being outside and was into things in his workshop. Today was a hard realization looking into his eyes and knowing he would not be at the Thanksgiving table.

However, I am thankful I got to grow up with him by my side. I am thankful we had many many good memories, many I am able to share with my own children and many values he taught me that I want to instill in my own family. But what I am most thankful for is I can still wrap my arms around his neck and tell him I love him and to that I can be at peace...
Our visit today!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Friday, November 20, 2015

The one with our champion...

Cooper just finished his first baseball season. I’ve got to say, I was overall impressed. It’s not easy to coach a bunch of 4-5 year olds who have never played before and have the attention span of a fly. I was one of the team moms, so I helped get the kids organized and in the correct batting order, oh and a tough job was keeping them in the dugout…. The kids don’t sit still and would rather be climbing a tree than waiting their turn to bat. Every game involved us yelling, “Cooper- Baseball ready!” Usually he had his back turned to the hitter or he was drawings circles in the clay with his cleats or he was just simply staring off into the clouds while sitting. But he wasn’t the only one, if the kids weren’t hitting, they had no interest. Which is why the coaches also played the field with them, not only to teach them the rules, but also ensure they don’t get knocked out with the ball because they aren’t paying attention. Coopers strength was hitting the ball (and since no kid got out and no score was kept- trust me, I know what your thinking, that Nissan commercial where every kid gets a participant trophy, score is kept in the next age group, we are too competitive in the south to all be winners!) he made it to first base every time. But seriously, he does have a good swing and surprisingly enough, isn’t shy when he’s out there. He did have a few good stops at the ball when he was paying attention, but he thought it was pretty boring when he wasn’t hitting and running the bases. Overall consensus, we will start soccer in the spring and sit out next season of baseball. We need something with more action.
The Yankees first game

Best Buds


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The one with my smarty pants...

We’ve been in school now for a few months and I’ve got to say, these kids are rocking it out. They are both doing extremely well…. I mean did you expect anything less? Addison is already counting to 10 and knows her shapes and colors. She is also forming complete sentences and is talking more than ever. Which means she totally understands me, but chooses to ignore me anyway. She is very strong willed (like her Dad). Thank God I know where they sell wine. Cooper is doing great, learning to write, color in the lines, spell, count and do math. He is truly loving school. They have an after school program called “lunch bunch” that Cooper did for the first time yesterday. He stayed at school until 3PM and when I picked him up, he actually cried because he didn’t want to go home. He’s also learning that mommy isn’t as cool as she once was. I guess he was going to learn that eventually!
Everyday Attire


Also in other news, we just celebrated a HUGE milestone… we have a FIVE year old in the house, woot woot! Happy Birthday to Cooper!!! This birthday was by far the best thus far. He totally understands what it means to have a birthday and what it means to turn 5. I struggled with planning his big day, only because November seems to be a busy month for birthdays, but I finally got it together and planned. He woke up the morning of his birthday and said Mom, I woke up 5 today! All week, he couldn’t wait! I brought cupcakes to his school and all his friends sang. On the way home, he said Mom, I can’t wait to be six…. And then seven. I had to stop him (even though I love to hear him show off his counting abilities). I said let’s just enjoy one day of you being five before we starting wishing the next birthday. I remember being the same way, just couldn’t wait to be another year older. As kids we are start wishing it away and now as adults, we get depressed to turn another year and looking back it seems childhood flew by way too fast. Fortunately for Josh and me, we have a 2nd chance at childhood! We get to raise two beautiful spunky loving kids! I try to slow time down, but honestly I think it fly’s faster as a parent. Anyway, Cooper got lots of cool presents. He’s totally into all the superhero, transformer, star wars stuff and he got enough to last him til Christmas! HA. Hopefully Santa is on a budget this year, I am running out of storage.
Look who's FIVE

Birthday Boy
School Pictures

Donuts with Dad

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

I’ll try not to make it so long before my next update!