Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The one where the games start....

"Let the games begin" read Coopers shirt, the first day of many that he ran around outside without a diaper.... The goal was to pee on any tree, on any bush or the grass. The goal was not accomplished. I gave him a whole juice cup. I for sure thought he would pee. And while I think he loved the freedom he was also scared. When he felt he had to go he would ask me to out his underwear on! We were outside for about an hour and got nothing. I'm not going to say we didn't get anywhere because any day he wants to run around like that or wants his big boy underwear is progress. That all I ask for these days is progress, not perfection.

Today Addison is 3 months old. To be honest it seems like much longer. I guess that's what sleep deprivation does. The doctor  said she's right on track. Almost 13lbs, which is normal. She smiled a lot while he was in there, which is a great developmental sign and her neck strength is awesome. Probably because all the "tummy time" she gets sleeping on her stomach which is a no-no... But hey she sleeps. I've noticed a few differences in her and Cooper lately. Addison is as happy as a clam when she's naked like taking a bath or getting her diaper changed. Cooper used to wail. He hated it. Cooper was such a chill baby, he loved his swing, loved laying on the couch. I feel like he would do it for hours. Addison, the diva hardly sits still. She has started to enjoy the swing more, but her arms and legs are always moving. I bet Josh was like that, he's like that now and I doubt much changes! I tell people I have 3 kids.  You know why??? Because my big kid Josh and toddler Cooper just broke the love seat in the living room. Yea, cracked it in half. Of course I was out of town when it happened and I get a text with a picture of the couch at the street and then a picture of a new one. Sorry kids, no new couch, nice try! Luckily we got the leather lazy boy back from my parents or my living room would held a lot more toys... yikes!

3 months old today!


Friday, May 17, 2013

The one with Mothers Day...

Happy Mothers Day to all the mommas out there! This is my 3rd mothers day and 1st mothers day with 2 bambino's. It was a great day! Gorgeous weather and great family to spend it with.... We kicked off the day at my parents house with brunch and mimosas and ended with pasta and red wine! Josh, my own personal chef, whipped up a tomato, mushroom and shrimp dish. It was DELISH!! I don't even know why I cook most nights after that dinner???

Jason was in town this weekend too. It so happened to be TPC at Sawgrass. He and Josh went Friday... the most gorgeous day ever. I was slightly jealous. But Josh brought me back a shirt and promised we would go next year..... the gift seemed to make everything better :)

Not much going on here this week, it was a slow one... so maybe I'll tried to tackle potty training again. I need to utilize more bribery. It seems to work well with Cooper. Addison is sleeping most nights until 6-7am. So its perfect for me, the part time work from home mom of 2! And you know Cooper, while he has more of my mild mannered, organized personality he gets his sleep habits from his father. It's 8:30-9:00 before Cooper wakes up each day. On the weekends sometimes 10!!!


Friday, May 3, 2013

The one with the flip flops...

It didn't take long for Cooper to get in the true spirit of being a Florida boy! He's wanting to practically live at the beach. We can't even say "beach" without him pitching a fit to go... He's a total flip-flop tot. Forget the sporty Nikes and the hip Converse shoes. He's obsessed with the 2 for $5 flip flops I got from old navy. Luckily I bought 2 pairs because I've already lost one pair! He looks so cute in them, like a little surfer boy with his tanned skin! (I'll make sure next post, I have a picture of Cooper in his flops)

The kiddos are doing great. It only gets better as we adjust to Addison's needs. Cooper is a cake walk. He's pretty much independent, likes to try things one his own, likes to color, play with his sword and Nerf guns, and watch Tom & Jerry or Scobby Doo. He's a total flip-flop all BOY tot. Addison is now sleeping 7-8 hours a night. I am trying to go to bed when she does, so I am getting plenty of rest my self! Life is good, check this photo out... I think both of them are saying, MOM, REALLY?? No more pictures!! Are they twins or what?

One of my best friends and bridesmaid in my own wedding is getting married tomorrow, Ashley. I too, have the honor to be in her wedding. Today officially starts wedding weekend with the rehearsal, dinner girls night and tomorrow is the big day! Please say your prayers that it clears up by tomorrow.... its been raining non-stop since a few days ago. I heard (on my wedding day) its good luck for it to rain, because it washes away everything in your past and allows you to start fresh! So if it does rain, please just sprinkle in the morning to finishing cleaning the way for an long and blessed future! Congrats!!!

Cheers to the Foley's!
 Happy 90th Birthday to Gramma Herrmann!! I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted, ok, I didn't take any pictures from the weekend, but I did snag this beauty from facebook! Thanks Lisa! Anyway, It was so awesome to see the Herrmann side of the family. Josh had not met most of them, so it was nice to finally have everyone meet. Gramma is still kickin it. She's rocking out, looks beautiful and is in good health. Cheers to many many more birthdays!! We love you