Friday, January 17, 2014

The one with Batman....

Batman lives in the McCarty house, did you know that? Cooper got a batman mask for Christmas and he loves wearing it around with the cape I made last year.... that thing is still holding up with my horrible sewing skills, but hey, Cooper (I mean, Batman loves it!). Batman was on TV the other night and Cooper was actually watching it..... well I say that like I was surprised, if he will watch Star trek, he will watch anything! LOL

Addison is going on 11 months, not walking on her own yet, but VERY close. She wants to turn loose and walk on her own, she just hasn't built up her own confidence yet. She's learned to clap when you say "YAY" and learned to shake her head and say "NO" when she doesn't want anymore food. She is talking up a storm (like a true girl fashion), but we can't quite understand her yet.... it won't be long. She's doing great at sleeping through the night, it only took 10 months! She is not my sleeper like Cooper. WHO by the way is almost a professional dirt bike rider. Josh took him to the track last week for the first time, and Coop LOVED it. Hopped right on his bike and took off, he wasn't intimidated at all by the fast bikes or the other kids. He loves it, that's all he could talk about all week was the dirt bike track, so we are going back tomorrow. This time a family event. I'd like to see him out there doin his thang :)

10 month old Diva


Saturday, January 4, 2014

The one where we have our first game night....

As a new year resolution, I decided to demand family togetherness on Friday night (or Saturday) and what better way to do that than game night? Cooper received a ton of new games for Christmas so we tried it out last night. Miss Addison will have to wait a while before she can participate, she was already in bed when we started.

We started with hungry hungry hippos, which can only be played when Addison is NOT around. She puts everything in her mouth and we can't Chance a marble getting loose. Cooper picked the blue hippo. He literally won all the games we played. He's good. I think the recklessness of a toddler is beneficial in Hungry Hungry Hippos, where I am over there trying to be careful and strategic and I lost every game. There is a reason the age is like 5-10 years! And then there was Guess Who? This one was much easier than the traditional Guess Who with the old men you had to guess. These were food, transportation and sea animals, perfect for kids (or adults!) It took Josh and I a while to figure out how to play, I know it says for 6 year olds, but adults have to interpret the 3 step directions- which I am certain they left a few directions out. Anyway, after all that Cooper was on Daddy's team, by choice of course and we played several games. Although it was a little over Coopers head, he had a fun time listening to us and picking the square for each of us to guess. He will get the hang of it soon!

So our first Friday night game night was a success, although it was missing a nice large cheesy pizza. Damn diet!

Coopers FAVORITE game!

Is your animals tounge sticking out???


Thursday, January 2, 2014

The one with baby's first Christmas (and 4th)...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I can't believe 2014 is already upon us, which means my baby girl will be ONE next month. Wow how time flies. She's still crawling and cruising. Standing longer on her own though, so I still think it will be soon. She's such a doll, all smiles when she isn't sick. We are on our 2nd ear infection in 2 months. I don't remember Cooper getting them at all. It really affects her sleeping and overall mood, as that would anybody. But thankgoodess she's on antibiotics and we are back to sleeping through the night (mostly). Momma can't handle 2 hours of sleep anymore! Addison's new year resolution is to walk and talk this year! LOL Coopers is to poop in the potty (that one is mommy's too!)

Christmas was great. We are building on to our house now due to all the toys and clothes these kids received!! Seriously though, I have the toys on a rotation schedule. I know it sounds funny, but the older toys are up in the closets and the new toys are out. And when the new toys get "old" we will rotate them with the ones in the closet. It mostly works and when Coopers friends come over every toy in the closest is pulled out along with every toy inside and outside. They are little wrecking balls, but its so fun to watch the kids play! Anyway, as usual we had the family over and Josh fired up the green egg. An 11lb standing rib roast. It was delish! My part not so much. I was in charge of the bacon wrapped green beans. And you may think, everything is better with bacon, well not when the green beans are very VERY al-dente! OOPS good thing there was other stuff to eat. Who needs veggies anyway????

And Cheers to 2014 and the HUGE precious blessing we received in 2013, Addison Kate! Hopefully we, as a family, will have time to stop and smell the roses. We aren't moving from house to house and we can actually enjoy some down time. We finally feel complete. Now don't get me wrong we have PLENTY of honey-do lists around. One of my new years resolution is to actually finish a project I start (same with Josh!). But we are notorious for getting lazy or letting something else get in the way. But now that football season is about done, we will have our weekends back!