Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The one with the first day...

It’s here and gone, the first day of school. I’ve got to say both kids did amazing, and still are doing amazing. WAY better than I thought considering they have been home with me with what seems like forever. Well, none of us shed a tear. It was nothing but happy and exciting.
The kids started Mandarin Presbyterian Preschool. Cooper is in a state funded pre-kindergarten program and Addison is in the two year old preschool class. Cooper’s teacher, Mrs. Rockwell says he is just the sweetest thing. It’s funny, I thought the first thing that Cooper would tell me about his day would be the playground, but he hasn’t really mentioned it. He talks about his friends, the kid scissors he gets to use and the painting and coloring. I think he is really going to thrive in this program. His class does ABC cooking, so for each letter they make a food, so for "B", they made Brown Bear Biscuits (lots of sugar) but this may be a huge break through for Cooper and his trying new foods, he may break out of his shell a little bit when he sees other kids trying new things. So far so good, its been easy like Apples, but when they get to something like "P" where its peas or pigs in a blanket, he may be challenged a bit! But he will most likely be starving, so desperate times call for desperate measures, right?! I'll keep you posted :)
Anyway, both of them love it…. And you know who else loves it??? MOM, I get THREE whole hours to myself. Which entails running, cleaning, showering, running errands and a little consulting work- (yes, all in 3 hours). It’s amazing what you can do in a quiet house alone! But I have to admit, I do love the afternoons more. I pick the kiddos up at lunch time, so we get to eat together and still have all day to be together. I know I won’t have days like these for long, so I am really trying to soak it up now!