Sunday, November 27, 2011

The one with the Turkey...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a great week with family and friends! We sure did. My body is totally paying for it...too much eating and drinking. I need to diet for 4 weeks until it happens again at Christmas. My parents and Karen left this morning, so Josh and I are recouperating watching ESPN, Cooper is running around.

Thanksgiving was a HUGE successs. Josh fried another turkey this year and we had like 50 sides. It was amazing. Of course I had to have a little of everything, TWICE!! LOL We had 15 family and friends over. Everyone really made the day special. We weren't in the kitchen all day cooking because everyone chipped in and brought something. It made my life alot easier.  I hope this will be a tradition for everyone. I think we will have it at our house every year. Maybe next year we will go carbless, I ate TOO MUCH mashed potatoes and mac n cheese. I still feel like I am in a coma and it's Sunday.

I did experience my first black Friday (well Thursday) shopping spree with my friend Annie. Her and her husband came over for Thanksgiving, so about 9:30 Thursday night we got ready to fight the crowds. We were both first timers, we totally looked like rookies taking pictures of the maddness in Walmart. That place was nuts. They didn't make you wait outside since they never even closed, so everyone was hovered over their favorite doorbusters. You weren't alloweed to touch anything until 10:00, but when the clock stuck, it was mayhem. We started out with the $1.96 movies and got some good ones. As we walked through the store it was outrageous how many people are pushing through the aisles. We had to ditch the buggie, because we would have never made it anywhere. We got a few other items and made it out in about an hour. Walmart is the least organized store EVER!!!!! After Walmart we came home to "rest" and eat MORE before we headed out to Target. Since we didn't need electronics our experience was quite nice. Target did it right, they actually had a structred line that started in the back of the store, most the employees has a radio and things moved smoothly. We waitined in line, only about 15 minutes.  After Target we were pooped. We got home about 2:00. I am glad I got to do it, but I don't think it is something I would do again.

Can you believe only 4 more weeks until Christmas!?! Seriously, where has this year gone? We got our tree up while the fam was here. No presents under it yet, not really sure how that will work out with Cooper around. We didn't put any ornaments in his reach either.

Cooper enjoyed his grandparents being here, he got so much attention. I think he is walking around looking for all the action or someone to hold him. Mommy and daddy aren't good enough. I think he already knows, grandparents are the spoliers!

I gotta shout out to my papa, who turns 80 on Wednesday. Happy Birthday!! We were able to celebrate his birthday this weekend. He still looks great, moving all around and traveling. He was even dancing with Cooper. So awesome to see the great grandparents interact with Cooper.

Hope everyone has a great week!! Good luck Christmas shopping and fighting the holiday crowds, its crunch time now people!!!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

The one where I eat Cooper's food...

He isn't eating baby food for those who are thinking "GROSS"!! He eats normal people food. And the most appetizing thing in my house tonight looked like the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and the sweet potato fries. Don't mind if I do. I love when we go out to eat with Cooper because I order him what I like... the grilled cheese, mac n cheese, chicken tenders, pizza etc. I know he isn't going to eat it all so mommy can have a little taste and enjoy her steak too :) Anyway enough about food, I don't want to eat ALL his chicken nuggets.

Josh comes home tonight and he will NOT be traveling next week. Thank goodness since the fam is coming up Tuesday. I can't say that I got much accomplished while he was gone. Usually when he is out of town, I go shopping, clean or re-organize something. Nope. Not this time. I get worn out being a "single mom" ( I say that loosely)- meaning I am asleep by 9:00 because I can. I am trying to enjoy the peace and quiet and catch up on my z's. Next week is a big week. And for the record I will be going to Walmart at 10pm on Turkey Day. I mean why not right??? I have a kid now so I need the best possible deals I can get on toys!!!!

Yesterday was the first time Cooper cried when I dropped him off at daycare. Maybe I should say bye and just scram when I pass him off. Poor guy, you know when is bottom lip quivers and he starts screaming?? Yea, that is what happened. I felt like crying my self. I know he really really likes it there though. I am thinking by January he will be there full time. He is really becoming dependent on Mommy the days I am home and it is becoming challenging. We will see, I might get cold feet and can't let go.

I don't have any pictures this week. Like I said, I haven't done much! Have a great Friday!!!!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

The one where the home is complete...

Our house has NOW become a home... No home is complete without a bird feeder. Just ask my grandparents who have a few feeders, my aunt and uncle who used to make bird houses and my parents who have their pellet gun at the back door to shoot the squirrels who try to eat the bird food. With that said, we finally got our bird feeder all we need now is the bird bath (any maybe the pellet gun). And you know what else, Josh actually was the proactive one who found the feeder. We went antiquing this weekend, better than watching the Gators these days. Anyway, we FINALLY got blinds for the living room and our room. Thanks for the encouragement from my parents. I was thinking since it is getting lighter earlier maybe the blinds will help us sleep in... ha! fat chance? I am surprised I could even still spell "sleep in". I haven't seen that in a loooong time. Anyway at least the blinds/ curtains look nice.

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUU!! Enjoy your day off!

here birdy, birdy, birdy

We totally need a bigger toy box

my little munchkin


Thursday, November 10, 2011

The one with the fish sticks....

YES my kid loves fish sticks!! Horray! I am so excited because I remember LOVING them as a kid.You know what else I loved? The Kid Cuisines. I let him try to eat one on his own... and while he is messy and is wearing half of it, the other half is in his belly!! So good news from the McCarty house, Cooper loves it all! I am really working with him and trying a whole bunch of new foods. We don't need another picky eater :) So far, I don't think there isn't anything this kid won't eat. Yesterday at daycare, beef on a stick. Not sure what that is, my dad seems to think Slim Jims... haha. I will ask tomorrow because I am curious.
Look how fun, how could a kid not LOVE 'em
Cooper had his one year check up Tuesday and took the shots like a champ. Well he did cry, but as soon as momma picked him up, he was ok. Total mommas boy! I love it. Anyway, he is a whopping 23 lbs and 29 inches tall- which means is in the 50th percentile on growth for his age. Which is good news. Doc says we are doing everything right. He is healthy and happy, what more could you ask for??

Josh comes home late today, so we are definitely looking forward to it! This weekend is supposed to be nice here, cold, but clear blue skies! We have some things planned to do around the house, nothing major. But we have to get ready for Thanksgiving! It is just around the corner!!!

Hope everyone has a rocking Thursday!!!


Monday, November 7, 2011

The one where we sing again..

As you know it was Coopers Birthday yesterday. We just couldn't end the day with out singing "Happy Birthday" to Cooper and let him eat his own cake. Well, in this case, we got a mini cookie cake, perfect for a one year old. So we sang happy birthday and let him dig in.... we got some pretty cute pics. I mean he doesn't take a bad picture. Basically he ate all the icing off for mommy and daddy and we ate the yummy chocolate chip cookie.
Happy Birthday to you

"What the heck is that??"

"I just can't get enough!"
Story time

Josh is "out of town" this week. I say that loosely because he is less than an hour away. He is at their annual national sales meeting, so I am playing single mommy again. We are having fun! Cooper practically ran to me when I picked him up today and had the cutest little squeal!! He had pizza that first time today... pretty amazing since he only has 6 teeth. I wish I was there for that. I am sure there will be many many more pizza nights though in this house! Cooper goes for his one year check up tomorrow. So hopefully he isn't too cranky after the shots. It just kills me when the nurses give him the shots and he cries. Don't you just hate to see your kid in pain? I think more teeth are coming in. He has been walking around with the dish towel hanging out of his mouth... it is too cute and too funny! I will have to get a picture next time he does it!

I forgot to mention, I went to the bank last week and they gave me my first lollipop because I had a kid!! How awesome is that? I remember every time I went to the bank with my mom, I would always get one.... for some reason those always tasted the best. So I think it's cool that the banks still give them out. Cooper sucked the whole thing while I shopped in Target. He is such a good little shopper, even better with a lollipop. I hope I didn't start a trend!!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

The one where my little boy turns ONE...

Happy 1st Birthday to my favorite little man Cooper! It is hard to believe that one year ago today I woke up not feeling well on our moving day. I called the doctor to verify that what I was feeling almost 5 weeks early before my due date was normal. They had me go in, just to be certain everything was okay with me and the baby. So my dad took me to the hospital so Josh could coordinate the move with our awesome friends that all helped. No way in 100 years that Josh, me or my dad thought I would be having Cooper that day. As we drove to the hopsital the what I thought was cramps, started getting worse and worse... In the back of my mind I am thinking, I can't be having contractions now....

So we get to the hopsital and Dad drops me off at the front. I can barely stand up from the pain and the fact that I have been throwing up all morning, I am slightly weak. They ladies at the front get me a wheel chair and dads wheels me back to the labor area, drops me off and is asked to wait in the waiting room. The first few nurses that come in don't really tell me anything, they just get me hooked on IV's to monitor the baby. Another nurse comes in checks me out and tells me that I am in labor and that the baby's head is down (which is good!!). Since I am early, they give me a round of some medicine to try and stop the labor. At this point I am freaking out. Josh isn't there. I don't have my cell phone (What am I supposed to do without my cell phone??)  and my dad is in the waiting room. My  blood pressure is probably soaring. I kindly ask the nurse to find my dad, the one in the UCF sweathirt that I bought him for Christmas a few years back. So Dad comes in. I ask him to call Josh and tell him we are going to have the baby today. My dad is very calm (at least it seemed that way to me). He calls Josh, who also seems collected. He is with a few of my girlfriends who calm him down and tell him that labor typically is long, so we had some time. After 45 minutes of trying to stop the labor, it was unsuccessful. The on call doctor comes in and checks me out and tells me that it isn't the babies head, it is his BUTT. What does that mean I said?!?! (everything you learn in child birthing class, goes right out the window) It means we are going to do an emergency C section at 12:00pm, you might want to get your husband here. If I wasn't freaking out before, I am now. The doctor tells me that last thing to develop in the baby is their lungs and that there is a chance they are fully developed.... AHHHHH,what?!?! Where is JOSH!!! Then they start asking me for my pediatrician information..... I am crying even more because I don't have that yet. He isn't supposed to be here until December 9th!! Josh gets to the hospital pretty quickly since he was at our old apartment around the corner. He always has a way of calming me down.... well he and that epidural. Josh is at the hopsital about 30 mins before we are headed back to the labor and delivery room.

Right after the epidural :)
The C section was pretty quick. Josh got to watch everything, me not so much, they put up a sheet in front of my face.The pressure was pretty intense. But a few minutes later, Cooper came out screaming. So it seemed like his lungs were OK!! Josh got to see him first and all he could say was he was beautiful!! I didn't get to actually seem him until he was cleaned and measure. The little guy was 6lbs 4 oz. That is the size of a normal baby. We all think the doctors got my due date wrong. There wasn't anything wrong with him. He was perfect and so healthy!! It is funny, because I would always say to my mom, I hope he comes Thanksgiving weekend, so all the family would be here. Well he listened on the coming out early part!! My mom was already in route to Atlanta and my dad was already here to help us move. Josh's mom, brother and cousin were able to come up late Saturday night. It all worked out!

One year later, it still feels like it was yesterday. It feels like I just blinked and he isn't a baby anymore, he is a little boy. It is so hard to imagine our lives any different. We are so blessed each and everyday to have such a happy, health and good baby. Cooper you are our little handsome miracle and one of the best things that has ever happened to us!!! We love you!!! Happy Birthday!!


Our first family photo coming home from the hospital


Friday, November 4, 2011

The one with the smile...

Coopers first week of daycare was a success. He as already learned to blow kisses, get along with kids and nap in a room with other things going on. That's a huge step (I think). And if you were wondering, even though you already know, Cooper eats everything! He had lots of new foods this week and ate it all... fruit loops, pancakes, french toast, biscuits, cookies, burritos etc.

Having the camera in the class is awesome! I am guilty of taking a peak at Cooper several times a day and each time I see the little guy I smile and sometimes laugh. He seems to do great, playing with the new toys and walking around the classroom. It is so cute to see him interacting with the other kids. The owner's husband of the daycare LOVES Cooper and has already wants to adopt him. LOL. Everyone thinks he is such a cutie and he is getting a good rap from the teachers as being SO Good. We will see if they still think that when he learns what the word NO actually means, but he does it any way. One of the BEST things about daycare (or any situation) is seeing Cooper get the biggest smile on his face and actually walk to me when I come in his class to pick him up. That is seriously one of the best feelings and the cutest things ever. Gotta love that big grin with 6 teeth!! It is truly the little things in life and for me it is starting with a smile :)


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The one with Cooper's big day (x2)

Can you believe ONE year has already flown by? As Josh put it the other day to me, our year roughly went by at about 70MPH since we were on the road ALL THE TIME headed to Florida. It is a wonder why we even moved year when we spend more time in Florida.

Anyway, we had a lot of the family up for the party Sunday. My parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousins along with Josh’s mom, grandpa, aunts and cousins. We had a fabulous turn out. Cooper was just darling. He loved all the attention (where do you think he gets that from) and loved all the presents. I think he was little overwhelmed with the gifts and didn’t know which toy to play with. Although he has taken a liking to the golf clubs. Don’t worry, they are plastic. So I wonder how long before Josh has Cooper out on the driving range? One of the questions one the daycare application was “What interest or hobbies do you want your child to become interested in”. Guess what one of our answers was??? GOLF!!! So maybe later in life we can have Kids R Kids to thank for Coopers fame. We let Cooper have at his cupcake all by his self. That seriously was the cutest thing ever. He loved it. That was the first time he had really eaten a cupcake. You could tell he was loving it by the way he was shoveling it in. AND trying to eat the wrapper. LOL He wasn’t as messy as I had hoped for…. I didn’t put enough icing on the cupcakes- so I smashed the cupcake in his face a little for some affect. Needless to say, when he was finished he definitely needed a bath.


So his other Big Day (x2) was Monday. He started his first day of school. Josh and I had to fight back the tears, we couldn’t look at each other when we dropped him off. It just seems like he is growing up too fast. This school has cameras in all the rooms. I am trying not to stalk him but I couldn't help but log in several times (Josh too). It is really cool to get to see what he is doing throughout the day. He was of course playing and walking all around. Too cute. This is a good move for him and us. I am excited to see all the new things he learns from the teachers and kids. He got a great report from his first day. She said he was like a pro at daycare, not once did he cry and just went with the flow. He ate all his food, played great with the other kids and only took a ONE hour nap. He was slightly worn out when we picked him up.... and you know what yesterday was right?? Halloween, so part 2 of his lil monster theme continued. Our neighbors had a party, so we got to meet alot of other folks on our street, eat some good food and of course, drink some beer!! Cooper got 2 pieces of candy from 2 houses and was worn out. We pulled him in the waggon which he loved, but the poor little guy just couldnt stay awake. Daycare wore him out!! He was fast asleep by 7:30.