Sunday, November 13, 2011

The one where the home is complete...

Our house has NOW become a home... No home is complete without a bird feeder. Just ask my grandparents who have a few feeders, my aunt and uncle who used to make bird houses and my parents who have their pellet gun at the back door to shoot the squirrels who try to eat the bird food. With that said, we finally got our bird feeder all we need now is the bird bath (any maybe the pellet gun). And you know what else, Josh actually was the proactive one who found the feeder. We went antiquing this weekend, better than watching the Gators these days. Anyway, we FINALLY got blinds for the living room and our room. Thanks for the encouragement from my parents. I was thinking since it is getting lighter earlier maybe the blinds will help us sleep in... ha! fat chance? I am surprised I could even still spell "sleep in". I haven't seen that in a loooong time. Anyway at least the blinds/ curtains look nice.

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUU!! Enjoy your day off!

here birdy, birdy, birdy

We totally need a bigger toy box

my little munchkin


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