Friday, December 28, 2012

The one where Santa comes...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Hope the holidays are treating everyone fantastic! We surely had a wonderful Christmas. Lots to be thankful for this year. Our health and family close by, our house sold, we moved into our own place and baby Addison is growing by the day and still cooking (always a good thing in my book!) AND we finally have heat. Our realtor when we moved in told us there was no gas that needed to be set up.... well he was wrong, the first cold night of the season we found that out with no heat! Thank goodness for the fireplace and space heaters. We survived. It's on and cozy in the house now.

Santa came to our house this year, like he does every year. Cooper was an excellent boy all year long, despite not wanting to actually sit on Santa's lap. Santa still knew exactly what Cooper wanted! He brought and assembled Coopers very first trampoline! Boy, did Cooper love it. Its like a baby sitter for mommy and daddy. AND it wears Cooper out!! Perfect right before nap time. Santa was also good to me. I received lots of wonderful gifts from jewelry to a lovely pair of boots to TV trays!! Ha-ha I know it sounds funny, but I LOVE them. We usually sit in front of the TV like millions of other Americans, so what better than TV trays!? LOL I got several photos of our Christmas day, so enjoy!

hmmmm... What's in there???

Guess what he is running to?


Chef of the year!

Happy New Year Y'all


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The one where we sell our home...

Today is bitter sweet. We are officially NOT homeowners anymore, we have sold our beautiful home on Lansing Lane to another family. Closing took place this morning and the keys were handed over. I hope they were huge Georgia Bulldog fans because we sent them our Florida Gator key!!! hehe!! While purchasing the house was one of the most exciting times, I think the 2nd most exciting time is finally selling it off, even though we loved it so much. So we say goodbye to our brand new home, granite counters, hard wood floors, the mancave, the perfect neighborhood, spacious 4 bedrooms, the mountains and all our Georgia friends and family. BUT we say a BIG hello to San Marco, just in time for Christmas and the new year, "home", parents and grandparents, a cozy home built in the 1940's, sunshine and warm weather and a quaint lil nieghborhood with tons of Character and awesome people!

Thank you lord for answering knee mail!!!!

Good-bye Lansing Lane

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The one with the move (and everything else!)...

So over a month later, I am back on line. Sorry I have been MIA. Being a full time mom, wife and professional has really taken over ME. The good news is, we sold our house. Yes, FINALLY! It's been on the market since July and last month we finally got a contract on the house. All your prayers and knee mail really worked. Josh kept asking me what I want for Christmas and I kept saying, to sell the house. I just need ONE buyer, that's it! And it happened. We are so thankful, its a huge weight off all our shoulders. Closing is set for tomorrow. We are trying to get everything done via mail. I am still waiting on all the documents to come through though from the attorney. This is such a stressful process!

the lil guy's smile helps take the stress away

We are mostly settled in the new house. It is taking a while to unpack everything. Mainly because the home is so much smaller, I am having to unpack to re-pack boxes for the attic. We chose the smaller home for the character and the location. We are right in San Marco, a highly desirable area, just a block from the Square, where there are restaurants and shopping. All our neighbors are wonderful. 2 of the ladies (next door and across the street) are also pregnant! Tons of kids in the neighborhood too. Cooper has already found another 2 year old, CeeCee to romp around with! We are very happy to be in our own place again! It seems like forever that it has just been me, Josh and Cooper.

San Marco Home
 The official day the lil bambino comes is February 22, 2013. We have picked a name: Addison Kate. It seems to stick with both of us. Even Cooper can say it :) He is saying a lot these days. His vocabulary has sprung wide open. He's putting together sentences, you can understand him so much better and he's getting more comfortable around people... Well most people. We took him to see Santa last night, thinking I would get a solo picture of Cooper with Santa, oh no. It was Mommy, Daddy, Cooper AND Santa!! haha Luckily Santa sits on a couch these days, so I didn't have to break his leg by sitting on his lap! Ashe, Coopers cousin did so good with Santa! He's only 8 months though, give it til next year and he will be screaming! Why is Santa so scary????