Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The one where we sell our home...

Today is bitter sweet. We are officially NOT homeowners anymore, we have sold our beautiful home on Lansing Lane to another family. Closing took place this morning and the keys were handed over. I hope they were huge Georgia Bulldog fans because we sent them our Florida Gator key!!! hehe!! While purchasing the house was one of the most exciting times, I think the 2nd most exciting time is finally selling it off, even though we loved it so much. So we say goodbye to our brand new home, granite counters, hard wood floors, the mancave, the perfect neighborhood, spacious 4 bedrooms, the mountains and all our Georgia friends and family. BUT we say a BIG hello to San Marco, just in time for Christmas and the new year, "home", parents and grandparents, a cozy home built in the 1940's, sunshine and warm weather and a quaint lil nieghborhood with tons of Character and awesome people!

Thank you lord for answering knee mail!!!!

Good-bye Lansing Lane

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