Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The one where life is good...

Well, what can I say? Life is good. Hubby is happy doing well at work, Cooper is speaking in complete sentences and learning to swim and Addison is 4 months old, cooing and almost sitting on her own. And for me, well I can't complain... as long as bellies are fed, kiddos are happy and hubs is happy, I am happy. Life doesn't seem to slow down though, and I know I said that before. But I went back to work part time for the same company I have been with to help out a little bit and to make some extra cash while sitting around the house. So between work, cleaning, mom and wife duty I am a 24/7 chick. I've been waking up a little earlier most morning to walk/run the neighborhood. Still trying to burn off Addison weight, since I gained 40 lbs!! I am getting close to pre-preggers weight but there's always room for improvement! But who can really complain when you see this smiling face everyday.

We had a great Fathers day weekend. It was packed full of greatness and you know what? I have one picture to share the love. That's it.... you would think I would be on top of things like that!? I got up Saturday morning and made Josh shrimp and grits, a FAV of his. Sunday we made it out to the Suns game. The previous 2 years, we were in Atlanta and went to the Braves games, well instead of driving 6 hours for a baseball game, neither kid will remember, we decided on the Suns. I totally think we Cooper and Addison are older to travel to big time major league games would be awesome, but not while they are this young.

Potty training is going pretty good. I've got Cooper at least peeing on the floor in the bathroom... we are getting closer. I am so sick of changing 2 sets of diapers, that's been my motivation! I'm starting Addie on baby food tonight. I think she is ready.... last month doc said 4 months and she was this past Saturday. So wish me luck. Having more of a feeding schedule will help with our routines. Sending love from San Marco!

Have a great week


Thursday, June 13, 2013

The one with my beautiful bambinos...

There just wasn't any other better title I could come up with... basically I just want to take a minute to brag about how amazing and beautiful I think my kids are. Doesn't every parent think their kid is just the bestest? Well I know you will think the same about mine too! :)

We haven't done too much lately, we've been beach rats. It's almost like we are new to Florida and have never been to the beach. Some weekends we go both days. Josh is really enjoying fishing. Cooper loves digging holes. Addison likes chilaxin and I like to bronze.... so what better way to do it than the beach!

If you haven't noticed by now, Cooper is in LOVE with his superman jammies. He loves the cape and "flying" around the house. I had to make him a batman cape the other day because those Superman PJ's were so dirty from running around outside in them. He just loves capes. He reminds me of Allan. Allan was OBSESSED with Superman and Batman when he was younger. And he's such an artist that he would draw them at like the age of 5 and make them into Christmas ornaments for the family, maybe Cooper will follow, he does like to paint!

My babies took their first bath together. Addison was happy as a clam and Cooper loved having someone to "play" with. Now when he takes baths he asks for her- its so cute!

Enjoy the pictures and Happy Fathers Day to all the baby daddy's out there! We have a jam packed weekend but I'll be sure to post after!

He loves her

1st bath together

Pretending to be daddy