Monday, February 29, 2016

The one where I discover a career...

Y'all know, I've been a SAHM (stay at home mom) for quite some time now. And while I LOVE my kids and I truly think I am making a difference in their life, it was time I started doing something for my self too, while still being a SAHM (for the most part). I have been doing a ton of praying, looking for signs and asking God to point me in a direction. I am one to know, God DOES answer prayers. This wasn't in any direction I was looking and I don't think it really ever crossed my mind. But I woke up one morning a few weeks back thinking Real Estate! It was like DUH Allie! I immediately opened my computer and contacted a woman (a VERY intelligent woman in fact) that I went to high school with. Josh also knew her from UF and said she was one of the smartest chick he knew. She got right back to me to meet for coffee and BOOM, I started work last week. She's looking to grow her brand and needs a buyers agent. I am doing some paid training while she is showing me the ropes. I am taking an online class and will HOPEFULLY be licensed in the next few months. I still need lots of prayers to get through this.  I haven't had a single reservation about this career transition. Although, I have had some push back from people I have talked to. Like- don't you know you are going to be working every night and weekend??? You are going to lose so much family time with your kids on the weekends... blah blah blah. And while I may be naive, because I am just getting my feet wet, I am looking to start a passion and begin a life long career and by the time the kids don't want anything to do with me anymore I'll be a rock star and an expert in the industry AND the million dollar agent! I know, I know, high hopes.... but I wanted a career that provided me with the flexibility to be at home when my kids get home from school. I know I may not be around Saturday morning some times, but I am blessed with kids ( and a husband) who sleep until 9 and it only gets later as they climb closer to the teenager years. { I won't be missing much in the mornings!} So, that's my "me" life in a quick blurb, agent in training while maintaining SAHM. I'm so excited!

Shout out to my #1 supporter!!! LOVE YOU BABE
Did I mention, Happy Leap Day?! I needed this extra day this year!!!