Thursday, October 24, 2013

The one with our new home...

It's official, as you know, we are home owners for a second time! And boy does it feel different than the first time. It's really hard to explain, but Georgia never felt like home. Probably because our immediate family was mostly in Jacksonville. We rushed into the first house to try to be in it before Cooper was born, and well you know how that turned out. We were always on the go, traveling with Cooper, so nothing ever felt permanent. And then we were led here. Our new home feels great. It feels like us, big yard, lots of trees, a ton of room to play and of course, the big seller: the Pool! We didn't go for another new build, we didn't want the cookie cutter feel with the houses built on top of each other. It worked for us in the beginning, but we just appreciate character and the outdoors too much for that anymore. Oh and did I mention, the HOA here won't be sending me letters for my pine straw being too gray! YAY!!

It needs shutters, don't you think?

* please note those curtains came with the house!! They will be removed in due time!

The Play Room WILL be getting a TV soon

The house has everything we want and need. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (who wants to clean anymore than that!!??) an inside laundry room, an extra room for the kids- which used to be the formal living room, but nothing about the McCarty's says "Formal", a large family room open to the eat-in kitchen and of course the kitchen. My recent obsession while house hunting has been white kitchen cabinets, black granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances, and you know what? This house had it ALL!! I know Josh was praising Jesus when we found this gem, because he wouldn't be signed up for a kitchen remodel!! And something else I haven't really appreciated before, CARPET!! The San Marco house was fully hardwood flooring and the Georgia house had hardwoods on the main level which makes it tough on the knees for a crawling baby. Not to mention you can't make a pallet on the living room floor and have movie night.... but now we can! It's the little things you learn from house to house, like the carpet thing and having a hall closet that can hold your vacuum cleaner that really make the difference! Too bad the pool is freezing to play in.... by freezing I mean 78 and for those who are thinking that's not cold come on over for a swim. It's so "cold" Cooper won't get in and when kids won't get it, you know its too cold.

What you don't see is them shivering!

Until next time.....


The one with the crawler...

No, not the creepy crawler, although its Halloween time... We have an 8 month old crawling baby in da house!! Can you guess who it is?? Miss Addison Kate and she doesn't ever want to sit still anymore! She's been on the move for a little over a month now. She wants to chase after her big brother who keeps stealing her toys. I would too. Oh the joy having these 2 kids interact, they really do love each other. Addison just laughs and giggles at Cooper. He's been into turning the lights on and off and that just cracks Addison up. Nothing sweeter than children giggling.

We made the big move a few weekends ago. FINALLY.... we are getting settled in our new home. We've done all the big projects, like paint and replace some of the fans now onto actually unpacking. What a chore. A shout out to all the guys Josh recruited for moving day, which totaled about 12. They knocked it all out in about 4 hours... yes, they took everything out of the San Marco house, boxes and babies, and placed everything in the new house. They were on fire.... plus it was a Saturday and football had to be watched, another incentive to scoot your boots! Anyway, we have already fired up the green egg, swam in the pool and finished off a few bottles of wine! We are really going to love it here. Both kids are doing great. They are sleeping through the nights (knock on a big ole piece of wood, hoping miss Addie's continues down that path!!). Cooper is consistently using the potty (and the bushes outside). Its hilarious, every time we pull up to the house, Cooper gets out of the car and pees in the yard. "Hi St. Johns County, we are the new redneck family next door!"

I'll have pictures to come of the house, stay tuned....