Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The one where Cooper makes me belly laugh...

So I thought this would be a funny one to share, Cooper says the funniest things... (Addison will be there one day, she is almost making complete sentences!!) But, I think I get in a good belly laugh daily from Cooper daily on the things he says. He’s becoming quite the Christian, scholar and teenager… so with that, I hope you enjoy this as much as me-

The last time we were at McDonald's, my juice box did not have a straw, so I had to drink it like a beer.

Mom Jesus told me I don’t have to eat all my food.

Me: Cooper what is your sister doing?
Cooper: I don’t know, she’s being quite as a mouse.

Mommy did you know that witch and bitch rhyme?

Mommy, are there bad people in this world? Is it because they don’t know Jesus?

Uncle David told me that when I fall down and get a boo boo, I need to be tough. I need to be a tough guy all the time. (If you didn't know, David is our USMC devil dog!)

I slept in a really long time today, like daddy, so I can be big and strong.

Mom, you need to drink water all day long. It helps you poop.

Mom, I need you to do me a favor today, can you vacuum my room again?

Mommy, I slept with my eyes closed last night, did you know that?

You know, now that I think about it... I actually may take some of his advice, he is pretty smart for a 4 year old!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The one with our resolution...

This year, we made resolutions like millions of others, to stay fit and work out. But for us, I hope its a life style change. We are already into March and I can tell you we have stuck to our new lifestyle. The key is having someone to work out with to hold you accountable AND just pull the trigger and sign up for races, so you have no choice!

A few weekends ago we ran the Gate River Run, 15K. That's just over 9 miles. We were so excited that it was finally race day. Race days are FUN! Especially this race.... thousands of spectators cheering you on, even more people running and motivating you- all for the "free t-shirt" and "free beer".  The spectators hand out everything from mimosas, to sliced oranges, hot dogs, beer to Popsicles. And trust me, we indulged on it all. Nothing like a little spike in energy after a mimosa shot! However, despite our 3 months of training, we didn't run as fast as we would have liked. But the important thing is we finished and we had fun doing it. It will just give us motivation next year, Run Forrest Run.

So on to the next race, which is an easy one- a Wine and Chocolate 5K. It brings a whole new meaning to will run for wine, yes please! In May, we are doing something we haven't done before- a sprint triathlon!! We will be swimming .25 of a mile, biking 15 miles and running 3 miles. Did I mention the swimming is in the Atlantic and great whites have been tagged out in those waters!!? If that doesn't get me moving faster, I don't know what will. I'm totally nervous about the swimming. I can swim, but I am not swimmer- like Josh. That's one of his strong suits. So I need the weather to warm up so I can start to practice!

The goal by October/ November time is to do another 1/2 marathon. We were into running before kids so I am hoping to keep this momentum going... only took about 5 years to get back in it!

Here are some fun race day pictures!!


Friday, March 13, 2015

The one where we go green...

We are finally living off the land and are loving it. We partnered with our neighbor, Ed, who was born to do this stuff. He is teaching us everything we need to know. And the key to the soil, is horse manure. True Story. Trailer loads of it.... While it may stink up the yard for a few days, it makes the soil rich and bountiful!  We have had a huge success with the winter plants such as broccoli, kale, winter greens, lettuce, turnips, spinach, onions and garlic. Not to mention the usual herbs. We have been making salads from the garden nightly. Last night we steamed fresh, handpicked broccoli. It was the best ever! Addison, of course loved it. The garden is such a great learning tool for the kids as well. Cooper is so interested in it from picking out his own seeds to plant to getting excited when he starts to see sprouts. He loves helping Daddy and Ed with whatever task they have for the garden that day. Hopefully Cooper will learn to love the food we grow. He didn't plant carrots. So in a few months he should be heaven. Since spring is quickly approaching, all our winter plants are starting to go to seed, which means we can plant more fruit! I don't quite have the green thumb yet, so I wait until Ed tells me what we can plant. So this weekend we are on the hunt for berries and cucumbers. Cooper also has watermelon seeds, lets see how that goes!

Now all we need are chickens! And maybe some goats.... oh what about cows?! Maybe Turkeys too.... LOL seriously though- I want a few laying chickens :)


Friday, March 6, 2015

The one with Daddy's new job...

It's official, Josh is knees deep in his new job. This isn't just a new job, its a career change. He was offered a great opportunity with a new company, something completely out of his comfort zone and he took it!!!! So so so happy for him. He is always thinking of his family, always. While this job brings stress, it is nothing like the Siemens/ Evoqua stress. He can leave his work at work!!! YEA!!!! He now is a Regional Director at The CSI Companies. They are an IT recruiting/ staffing company. Josh is their new main squeeze, sales of course. Josh can sell ice to an eskimo. He is already making great headway and its only been a month. The best part about it, they are a young company and by young I mean everyone is 20-40 years of age, they are all into working out and a handful of our great friends work there. Needless to say he is loving. We all know grass isn't always greener on the other side, but Josh and I have done a lot of praying about his career path and God opened this door, so we all walked right on through. (P.S. I tried to take a picture of Josh on his first day of work, but he wouldn't let me!!! ha-ha!!)

So, with my long winded, Josh got a new job- you know what else he got??? As Cooper says, "My Daddy has the fastest TRUCK!" Yes sir, that's right, He finally got his Tundra Back! It's not the exact same (close enough!!) but just as nice, just as fast and he is just as in love! The first few nights of the Tundra sitting in the driveway, I'd walk around the house looking for Josh and by now I have caught on, If he isn't inside, he is in the drive way vacuuming, polishing, washing, shinning tires, you name it. The kids love it. Anytime we go anywhere as a family now, they want to ride in Daddy's truck. And you know what, I love it too! Something about a man in a truck, gotta love it.

Addison's birthday was a success. Her party was great. She got a ton of cute cute clothes (I need to find in my size) and toys as always, but her favorite thing was the chap-stick. Ha!!! So in the future, if you want to make Addie really really happy, give her chap-stick! And it just turns out that February 22, 2015 was a gorgeous day for the beach. So we packed up the kids (in the new truck of course) got their favorite- popcorn chicken from Publix, cookies and watermelon and enjoyed the warm sun for Addie's 2nd birthday... I couldn't ask for a better family to call mine!!!