Friday, June 13, 2014

The one in Jekyll Island....

One of my very favorite people in this world was married last weekend…. Allan. Allan and I are not only 1st cousins but also close friends. As the only child myself, having him and being so close was a blessing, kind of like a brother. Although he didn’t live close, we were close. As kids we romped around the neighborhoods, playing hide-n-seek, running through the streets like banshees, only until it was dark of course. We spent a lot of time coloring and drawing, Allan was always SO good at it. My flower drawings had nothing on his Batman Christmas Ornaments. We would watch What About Bob on repeat. We even “produced” and “acted” in our own movie, Jaws 5. If you haven’t seen it, PLEASE contact me. Uncle Curt put it on DVD for the fam one year- Greatest production of all time. As we grew older, we only became closer. College came, which meant road trips and stories to tell for a life time…. Some of course weren’t so funny at the time, like being puked on by one of his friends or Allan missing the FL/GA game because he was sitting in a cell, but looking back, the memories that surrounded those weekends were hilarious. Many many good laughs and times spent with him. I am so thankful and blessed we’ve had so many good years of laughs. And as we grow older, and have families those memories will only get better.

 SO, back the bride and groom---Allan married the love of his life, Anna! Want to talk about a gorgeous bride…. Anna was that, stunning and beautiful. The met at GA Southern years ago… we’ve all been hoping and praying he wouldn’t let this one get away, she’s too perfect! Not to mention the wedding was perfect, fantastic weather, beautiful setting all for the perfect couple. Cooper was the ring bearer. He was loving wearing the tuxedo in the hotel, he thought he looked just like Daddy…. Until we got to the Jekyll Island club to take pictures before the wedding. Bless his little 3 year old heart, all the pressure of looking like a stud and all the people coming up to him, he just couldn’t bear all the attention. He was a hot mess for the whole 2 hours prior to the wedding… no pictures, no talking, only crying. After many prayers later, by the grace of God, Cooper instantly changed his attitude right before his big act. His tears ceased and I think his nerves stopped, and he walked down the aisle like a little angel prince. He was so handsome. He stood next to Allan and the groomsman the whole ceremony AND even smiled for dozens of pictures after. He was a trooper. At the reception he pushed some chairs together and with his ring bearer pillow and his Daddy’s coat as a blanket, he closed his eyes and slept through all the dancing and craziness. The next morning I asked Cooper did he have fun…. His reply, “Yea Mom, I was Cheesin!”

And with that, we cheers to many years of health, love and happiness for the new Mr. and Mrs. Allan Simmons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!