Thursday, April 25, 2013

The one with Daddy daycare...

Happy Birthday to Addison. She turned 2 months on Monday. She had her check up. 11 pounds and 23 inches long, she's fairly average in both. Like Cooper she is shorter than the average, but weighs just about in the middle. She is sleeping about 7 hours at night. Which I thought was pretty good, considering we came from 3-4 hours a sleep. But you learn something new everyday, the doctor told me I can get her to sleep longer by "cluster feeding". Which means feed her about every 3 hours throughout the day and about every 2 hours the last 6 hours before she hits the sack for the night. This way she will store up more calories throughout the day and sleep longer at night. Genius!! I'm thinking duuuhhh why didn't I think of that. But you know, that's why he gets paid the big bucks. So Monday we started the "new" schedule. Pray for longer sleeping nights! I'm still getting the same amount of sleep out of her...

Josh had the kidlets this weekend all by himself. And you know what? They are still alive and healthy! I had to throw that in there because so many people doubt the fathers capability of keeping the kids by themselves. But Josh really is such a great father, he had no issues. I only got text messages of pictures and videos. No questions or moments of panicking. He did great! So great, that I think I'll take another weekend off. JUST KIDDING! I missed them all like crazy. So my next weekend get a way will be with the family. Hoping to make a beach trip soon and for a week in September.

We are headed to Alabama this weekend to celebrate with Gramma Herrmann and the rest of the fam. She turns 90 this Sunday, April 28th! Plus she needs to meet sweet Addison before she gets out of her baby stage! I'll be sure to post pictures

Cooper Loves his sister!!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The one with the zombie....

Hi, I'm Allie and I'm addicted to caffeine.... Hence the zombie, thats me! Miss thang, diva, princess aka Addison is a tricky lil one. Not like Cooper at all! So far, Cooper has been my easy one. He's such a blessing and a sweet lil boy.  Ok, don't get me wrong, Addison is a total blessing! But she is a total different baby than Cooper. She can't sit still. She doesn't like her swing or her vibrating chair. She cries when she's not being held. We've tried warming her milk, changing formulas, gas drops, fennel water and I'm still at a loss. She sleeps on her tummy which is a no no (according to like ALL doctors)... But she likes it. Addison is sleeping 5-6 hours now at night. Still waking up for a middle of night time feeing, so I need to tweak her schedule a little so she goes to bed later. It's all about the schedule and we are all still figuring out what works best for us all. She's a good lil sleeper though and has been in her crib for several weeks now, for all naps and all night! Yay! That is a big accomplishment :) She also rolled over on her back in the crib. She's so strong and holds her head up so good!

Cooper still love love loves her!! It's true, God answered knee mail. I prayed and prayed he would be my little Angel during this big transition in his life and he really is. He listens so good, loves to read books, color and watch movies and of course help out with Addison. He goes to bed without a fight, he is usually the one telling me to turn of the light and "sweet dreams mommy"! We are still working on that crayons should be used on paper only... We have a nice lil mural on the office wall. I havent bothered to clean it yet, I figured that can be his spot for a while. He will even come show me when he adds a new color. Next week we start potty training, AGAIN. I let him pick out his own big boy underwear so hopefully he will be interested in it. When his friend Ceci is over and she has to go, he goes with her to the bathroom every time, helps her get the stool and the potty seat. So I know he has interest, lets just see how the interest pans out!

We had another set of friends come to visit this past weekend, Megan and Clint. We are so blessed to have such great friends up there that take weekend get aways to come see us. There was a big outdoor boat show and oyster fest that we took them too.  I probably shouldn't have tempted Josh like that. Just like women get baby fever, Josh gets boat fever! House first, I keep telling him!

I'm starting to feel like my old self again (plus 15lbs) but I'm feeling good, health wise. I started doing small work out in the morning when Addison takes her morning nap. Cooper just watches TV. I'd like to get out in the mornings and run before everyone wakes up, but I'm just so tired right now all I can think about is curling back up in the warm cozy bed!!