Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The one with the Disney Dream...


We went cruising with Mikey Mouse and Minnie Mouse the weekend of my birthday. It was a nice “dream” from reality that’s for sure. Granna, my mom, went with me and the kids. Thank goodness. She kept my sanity. We also went with one of our favorite families, The Furukawas! We are all close and the kids love each other. The cruise was fun... the characters walked around the boat, the play rooms were so cute and so much fun, the splash park on the boat was a hit, but what toped it all was Disney’s private island, Castway Cay. The cruise went to Nassau, Bahama…. GROSS is really the only word to describe it, ok, that and annoying… all the chicks in the straw market basically harass you to buy their junk or “Pretty girl, let me braid your hair!” UHHHH no THANKS. The kids were in the kid care on the ship while we went “exploring” Nassau and by exploring I mean we tried out the local beer at Senor Frogs- that was about it. Cooper was a little under the weather so he didn’t enjoy being in the play room. Addison and Cooper had to be split up since she is still in diapers and considered a baby. Castaway Cay, however, was a big hit, for the kids AND adults. Cooper was scared of the characters, Addison of course was not. Us adults moved our beach chairs to the waterline and chilled out while the kids played in the knee deep ocean. We didn’t have beach toys, but we did have empty (plastic) beer bottles they loved filling up with water. Parents of the year! The Island was so relaxing and peaceful and our boat was the only one at port. They only have one cruise at a time, so it wasn’t crowded. Overall it was a dream, being on the open waters is breathtaking. BUT (there is always a BUT) I think the kids would benefit a little more from it in a few years, when they can appreciate a family vacation.

Speaking of “baby”, I can’t use that word to accurately describe Addison anymore. It was 2 weeks ago I said, I’m keeping her in the crib as along as I can. And you know what? Miss priss, the fearless wild child climbs out! I couldn’t keep her in a nap time. She is only 19 months a fearless 19 months. Just like her daddy. So, Addison is now in a toddler bed and actually doing great. The first day of course was difficult to get her to lay down because she was so excited, I mean so excited. But literally within 4-5 days, she knows to stay in her room and lay down. She is a smart 19 months and I have to give Cooper credit.  He’s such a good big brother and leader for her. He shows her how to do things like brush her teeth and ride the four-wheeler. She’s going to be one cute tomboy in her dresses and bows. She loves anything Cooper is doing, so racing cars, playing baseball, soccer, Frisbee and she is too cute doing it! It’s a good thing Cooper is the calm, usually reasonable one, he can take care of her in high school!!

Well its officially “fall” the pool is down into the 70’s!!! WAAAAAAAAYYY too cold for me! Addison did get in for a swim the other morning, PJ’s and all.
Happy fall y’all