Thursday, July 18, 2013

The one where we try to keep up...

Life is busy busy... hardly a free moment and if there is a quiet moment, I am certainly not on the computer, I am vegging out on the couch. But as you know by now I have 3 kids, not 2. We considering Josh a grown "boy". hehe :) Both kids are up and watching cartoons right now, so it's hardly quiet.... It will probably take me all day to write this.

Anyhow, Addison will be 5 months come Monday next week. She started eating baby foods- so far her food of choice is green beans and squash or the plain Jane rice and oat meals. Her tatsebuds must be too sensitive right now. Her first food was sweet potatoes, just like Cooper. She did pretty good for being a first timer. Of course most of the food ends up on her face! But hey, its so stinkin cute... She isn't a fan of the fruits quite yet. Which is the complete opposite of Cooper. He used to eat everything. I guess she will get there too. Addison is still non stop. Doesn't ever sit still unless she is sleeping! She is rolling now and talking/ screaming a lot. Her crying constantly has deceased a lot, which makes Josh more willing to hold her. She is almost standing on her own, while holding onto the couch of course. She isn't pulling her self up, but she is very very strong. I don't remember Cooper doing that quiet this early. But she does sit on her own. She love love loves to be held. Typically diva/princess- loves the attention. Just like her daddy :)

giving those sweet potatoes a stare down

they aren't SO bad mommy

Addison's supportive brother

Cooper just adores Addison. When someone is over and holding Addison, he makes it clear that it is his baby. And if they are leaving he makes sure to let them know Addison stays here. He is just the best big brother. Probably due to those big brother books I read him before Addison arrived... thanks Mamaw and Papa! Cooper is just growing way to fast. His vocabulary is soaring (at least it seems like it to me). He is talking almost all the time in sentences. Our potty training isn't going too well, he is fighting it. But tells me when he goes in his diaper. I just don't know. Everything I read says they are ready when they are ready, so I try not to push TOO hard. He picks put his own clothes already.... usually doesn't like what I pick out. If Cooper doesn't like my rules, he immediately asks for Daddy. Daddy is the more "fun" parent, but hey still goes along with what I say. You have to though, right? Daddy can't be gone all day and come home with a bunch of rules, ya know?

My 2 beauties
Our 4th of July was nice! We had a great 4 days off of work and spent the day at the beach along with several other friends and their kiddos. I know I've mentioned it before, but we LIVE at the beach on the weekends. Its just so much fun for everyone and the kiddos or so worn out, its an early night for us all.