Thursday, November 10, 2011

The one with the fish sticks....

YES my kid loves fish sticks!! Horray! I am so excited because I remember LOVING them as a kid.You know what else I loved? The Kid Cuisines. I let him try to eat one on his own... and while he is messy and is wearing half of it, the other half is in his belly!! So good news from the McCarty house, Cooper loves it all! I am really working with him and trying a whole bunch of new foods. We don't need another picky eater :) So far, I don't think there isn't anything this kid won't eat. Yesterday at daycare, beef on a stick. Not sure what that is, my dad seems to think Slim Jims... haha. I will ask tomorrow because I am curious.
Look how fun, how could a kid not LOVE 'em
Cooper had his one year check up Tuesday and took the shots like a champ. Well he did cry, but as soon as momma picked him up, he was ok. Total mommas boy! I love it. Anyway, he is a whopping 23 lbs and 29 inches tall- which means is in the 50th percentile on growth for his age. Which is good news. Doc says we are doing everything right. He is healthy and happy, what more could you ask for??

Josh comes home late today, so we are definitely looking forward to it! This weekend is supposed to be nice here, cold, but clear blue skies! We have some things planned to do around the house, nothing major. But we have to get ready for Thanksgiving! It is just around the corner!!!

Hope everyone has a rocking Thursday!!!


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  1. Let's just hope he is nowhere near as picky as me !!
    I can't get over how big he is getting. Pretty soon he will be
    Big enough to come and spend a couple of weeks
    With me and Deanna. If y'all can be away from him that long
    I know it was hard on Nikkie the first time.
    Can't wait to see ya love you and take care