Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The one with Cooper's big day (x2)

Can you believe ONE year has already flown by? As Josh put it the other day to me, our year roughly went by at about 70MPH since we were on the road ALL THE TIME headed to Florida. It is a wonder why we even moved year when we spend more time in Florida.

Anyway, we had a lot of the family up for the party Sunday. My parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousins along with Josh’s mom, grandpa, aunts and cousins. We had a fabulous turn out. Cooper was just darling. He loved all the attention (where do you think he gets that from) and loved all the presents. I think he was little overwhelmed with the gifts and didn’t know which toy to play with. Although he has taken a liking to the golf clubs. Don’t worry, they are plastic. So I wonder how long before Josh has Cooper out on the driving range? One of the questions one the daycare application was “What interest or hobbies do you want your child to become interested in”. Guess what one of our answers was??? GOLF!!! So maybe later in life we can have Kids R Kids to thank for Coopers fame. We let Cooper have at his cupcake all by his self. That seriously was the cutest thing ever. He loved it. That was the first time he had really eaten a cupcake. You could tell he was loving it by the way he was shoveling it in. AND trying to eat the wrapper. LOL He wasn’t as messy as I had hoped for…. I didn’t put enough icing on the cupcakes- so I smashed the cupcake in his face a little for some affect. Needless to say, when he was finished he definitely needed a bath.


So his other Big Day (x2) was Monday. He started his first day of school. Josh and I had to fight back the tears, we couldn’t look at each other when we dropped him off. It just seems like he is growing up too fast. This school has cameras in all the rooms. I am trying not to stalk him but I couldn't help but log in several times (Josh too). It is really cool to get to see what he is doing throughout the day. He was of course playing and walking all around. Too cute. This is a good move for him and us. I am excited to see all the new things he learns from the teachers and kids. He got a great report from his first day. She said he was like a pro at daycare, not once did he cry and just went with the flow. He ate all his food, played great with the other kids and only took a ONE hour nap. He was slightly worn out when we picked him up.... and you know what yesterday was right?? Halloween, so part 2 of his lil monster theme continued. Our neighbors had a party, so we got to meet alot of other folks on our street, eat some good food and of course, drink some beer!! Cooper got 2 pieces of candy from 2 houses and was worn out. We pulled him in the waggon which he loved, but the poor little guy just couldnt stay awake. Daycare wore him out!! He was fast asleep by 7:30.

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  1. Joshua & Allie Thank you so much for having us up there to Celebrate Cooper's 1st. Birthday you know me I wouldn't have missed that for the world, we had such a great time with all of you and Cooper made out with all the Gifts heck not sure what to give him for X-mas now....LOL. You also did an amazing job with all the decorating, cup cakes, etc..Love to you all and as always give Cooper a big hug & kiss from his Grandma K