Saturday, March 23, 2013

The one where she's a month old...

Happy Birthday Addison! She's one month old today (well actually yesterday- I couldn't get the pictures to upload yesterday). And I am going to do something I didn't do for Cooper…. although I am sure if I went through his pictures I could put a timeline of pictures together like I am going to do for her. Monthly, on Addison's birthday, I am going to take a picture and at the end of one year, put it all together in a collage and see how much she's grown and changed. I got the idea from my work mom, her daughter is doing that with their new son, Owen- who was born just 2 days before Addison. We were actually scheduled for our C-sections the same day, she just went early. I was jealous! So here is miss Addisons' one month old picture. I think she's changed so much already. Actually kinda looks like me when I was a baby… I don't think she looks like Cooper too much anymore, although others still think so. But then again, they change so much over the first year, who knows who she will look like!

We are doing pretty good. It seems like Addison has been colicky. There were several days last week she would just cry and cry and nothing I would do could console her. Until my neighbor told me to put fennel water in her bottle. I will say that has helped somewhat. At least we aren't crying for almost 4 hours straight.  I am going to switch up her formula once she finishes what I have. I hate to waste the $50 in milk I just bought for her…. back to the Target brand like I did with Cooper. Maybe my kids just don't require the fancy stuff! She's been sleeping pretty good at nights, once I finally get her down, which is usually around midnight. She is a little night owl (like her dad). You might say that she has her days and nights mixed up. Although she sleeps a lot during the day, she's is up late afternoon through midnight. Just dozing in and out of sleep.

Cooper is still awesome. He's proving to be a wonderful big brother. We spotted him on the baby monitor trying to give his bear to Addison while she was crying in her crib. If you know anything about Cooper, that is his bear and he takes it everywhere… so once he realized if he dropped it in the crib he wasn't getting it back with out our help, he came into to tell us the "baby is crying, the baby is crying!" He loves helping me with Addison and loves to tell me when she is crying. It's actually super cute. I think he really loves her already!

the handsome big brother
I was finally able to take my 4 generations picture! I have one from when my great grandmother was still alive, so I had to keep the tradition going. I'll get another one when Addison is a little older too!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


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