Sunday, August 6, 2017

The one with the Sportsman...

With Josh and Coopers new hobby, fishing, we HAD to get a new boat. We loved the Regal, it got us use to the water and it got the kids comfortable out there, but we totally needed an upgrade. I just didn't think the upgrade was going to happen in 3 days. We sold the Regal on a Friday and by Monday we had a new Sportmans Bay Boat secured.... I've got a sucker for a husband. He soooooooooooo drank the Koolaid and the Greater Jax Boat Show. But you know what, I can't complain. It is slick. It's so versatile, we can spend the day at Ft. George cooking out, cruising to Silver Glen or spend the day off shore fishing. Jaxon even loves it!

Jaxy meets baby Hammerhead


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