Sunday, August 26, 2012

The one with the vacation...

See y'all folks in a week or so. We are headed to Pigeon Forge, TN in The Great Smokey Mountains for a week. Josh is mowing the lawn, I am doing last minute things in the house to get ready to leave for a week, and of course making a quick post, and Cooper is still asleep- yes that's right, is 9:00. He made it through is one day of sickness. I had to pick him up at school Friday, he was running a 101 fever. I gave him some baby Advil and he slept most of the afternoon. He was still eating food, so we knew he wasn't THAT sick. Saturday he woke up like is usual self, no fever and running like a wild banshee around the house. So, we decided to head to Grant Park in downtown Atlanta for their Summer in the Shade festival. It was great, relaxing, and truly in the shade. We listened to some reggae music in the lawn and ate frozen yogurt. There were local artist around showcasing their stuff, nothing I was interested in... and of course every restaurant in Atlanta got a booth AND everyone there was eating. No wonder Americans are so fat, we eat ALL THE TIME- we eat when we aren't even hungry. At least we munched on a low fat snack rather than a Philly cheese steak or Caribbean jerk chicken on a stick, nothing about food sitting out all day sounds appealing to me. And with all the smells mixing together from the various vendors I was good with my watermelon frozen yogurt topped with blueberries!! So with that said, I must go make the bed or something so Josh doesn't think I wasn't all morning on the computer!
The cabin
Much love family and friends- see you in September. Happy Labor Day! Enjoy your "free" day off!!


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