Saturday, August 4, 2012

The one with the rain...

Rain, rain go away... another rainy weekend. So actually its awesome, its a great excuse to be lazy and route for USA in the London Olympic games. We got up this morning and headed to Roswell, we were going to go to a park and let Cooper run around, buuuuuuttt it started raining, so we ate instead! Great alternative huh? We ate at a restaurant called the Fickle Pickle. Pickles were EVERYwhere. Fried pickles, dill pickles, speared pickles, pickled statues, etc. (Now I sound like Bubba Gump, only with pickles) anyway, it was great!

Since we can't play outside, might as well play with the toilet paper!!! On the plus side, he is a great helper, always helping me clean up his mess and toys.

Cooper has been doing pretty good in school despite being a bully. He's been pushing kids down and stealing toys. Everything is "mine"!! However, he has been trying more foods there, even the VEGGIES!! Doesn't sound like him does it? He's been trying peas, mixed veggies, broccoli, say what?? He definitely doesn't try that stuff at home. I guess I gotta start being a little more strict. Some nights he won't even eat pizza, now what kid doesn't want pizza? You know what I say to that, MORE FOR MOMMA!! He's talking a lot more, he knows the teachers name, picking up on colors, objects, animals and their sounds, putting several words together and using is favorite word NO. Which in most cases, really means yes! He loves getting out his books to read, watching Elmo on TV, playing with his cars and putting the pieces together in his puzzles. Of course I think he is borderline genius. I am just waiting for the pediatrician to confirm!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!


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