Monday, November 18, 2013

The one with the party...

Can you believe my little baby is 3? And already clearly capable of posting on the blog! He had such a great birthday. We are so blessed to have so many sweet and caring friends and family. Cooper is truly truly spoiled with presents and most of all Love. Next to Josh, Cooper is the best thing that happened in my life. He's a ray of light, a burst of sunshine and truly a blessing. His little squeal of excitement on the little things warms my heart. He's so caring, sweet and kind. I haven't met a 3 year old yet that has his caring heart. And I like to think he's part genius, well, because he is! His third birthday was made special (times 2)! I had a more intimate party for Cooper, with our family. My hope was to have a chili cook-off between Josh and I. And when all was said and cooked, I ended up cooking both chili's. So not like we were keeping score, but if we were, then I won :) hehe On Saturday we had his birthday party with his bestest friend Ceci. She also turned 3 just a few weeks before. It was such a blast. I know all the kids loved it. It's a true testament to how much fun a kid has as to when they fall asleep on the couch. And when that time is 6:30, you know you were successful. Natalie (Ceci's mom) brought the fun to the table. She rented a bounce house for the day and boy was that the hit of the party. All our San Marco neighbors came, all our friends came and all our family came back. It was such a great day. Nothing is sweeter than the squeals and giggles of kids having fun. Thank you to everyone for the gifts, love and attendance of Cooper and Ceci's birthday. It means the world to us.

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