Thursday, May 1, 2014

The one with the water rats....

Yes, that's my kids, water rats... and we are proud of it! They just can't get enough of the pool or the beach. The pool finally warmed up to 80 degrees... just a few more degrees and I'd be happy! Of course Cooper doesn't mind the 80 degree water, he's been asking to get in the pool ever day all day.... So we were lacking in the float department so we took a trip to Wally World- cheap floats that get beat up and only last a year! You know momma needs her own float to relax on! But they love it. Addie finds comfort in bringing her blanket in the pool. At least we have extras, but she's happy with it, so whatever works. Cooper is becoming a little less fearful. He still doesn't like to be thrown in. I did that, and he cried saying mommy I don't like that. He likes to ease on into the pool like me, where as Josh and Addie jump right on in.

We also took the kids to the beach this weekend. Its amazing how much Cooper has grown in a year in size and bravery. Last year he wouldn't have much to do with the water without us and now the moment you get out of the car, he's like mom can I go to the water. PLEAAASSEEE!! He has his boogie board and he jets straight to the water. We look for the run outs, so its a small pool of water all the kids play in. Its great. I park my chair right at the edge so my toesies get in and sip on my ice cold beer, while Daddy has to "play"! Addison has NO FEAR! She went straight in. Splashing and all. Although she isn't quite the fan of the taste of salt water, but who is really? It doesn't slow her down.

Enjoy the first pictures of summer.....



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