Thursday, May 22, 2014

The one with the botanical gardens....

Thanks to Josh's green thumb and our home being in an established neighborhood, our backyard is blooming. Blooming FULL of gorgeous flowers. We've planted a ton, but there were also a ton of plants, I had no idea made such amazing looking flowers. Who knew, I would have botanical gardens right in my back yard. Josh kept saying all winter, Allie these plants are going to be AWESOME (stressing the word AWESOME)... but not having my own green thumb, I was like cool, they just look like green bushes to me. LOL So anyway, I am so happy and thankful for my husband. He's doing awesome keeping up the yard. Its like paradise. We couldn't have picked a better home to raise our kids in.

The pool is rockin. Up to 82 degrees, hopefully it Will hold steady and increase a little. But the kids love it. Addie is already kicking from one side of the pool to the other, un-assisted, I might add. Of course she has on her swimmies. But who knew a one year old would be so comfortable in the water. It's awesome. Cooper is perfecting his belly flop and cannon ball. He has a good teacher- don't look at me. I don't "swim" just yet. I may step in, but its still a teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny bit chilly for me. Unless I've been laying out for a while. Volleyball tournaments start soon. Josh has NO IDEA how good I actually am, shhhhh!! ;) So looking forward to the summer and pool parties, green egg grilling and cold beers by the pool. Feel free to join us anytime!


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