Thursday, May 8, 2014

The one with the first group beach trip...

Summer is officially upon us! We had our first group trip to the beach. A bunch of our friends and their families come out, a total of 9 kids in the group. Cooper naturally attracts to the oldest boy, 6, Phillip. And Phillip attracts to "Mr. Josh". Probably because Josh is a big kid at heart. But we so enjoy the beach trips. All the kids just LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And they are all so stinking cute out there in their swim suits playing in the sand. We have "thing" when we go to to the beach. I HAVE to get a Publix sub (banana peppers on the side) and Josh has to get a pound of the Publix popcorn chicken. It doesn't feel like a beach trip without it. Thank goodness Lent is over, so that I can eat sandwiches again! Anyway, our pool is feeling great. And as last week, Cooper still wakes up wanting to get in the pool.

Cooper's new favorite breakfast food, besides pop tarts, are bagels! Yes, that was his new food to try and he loved it. He said the bagels were good just like grilled cheese. Oh yea and Chic-fil-a. If you know Cooper you know how much he loves McDonalds, but I got him to eat the chic-fil-a nuggets and he said YUM these are better than donuts!!! So he is coming around, slowly but surely! We are "working" on Addison feeding her self... LOL. Ok, not really working on it, but she likes to hold the spoon, so I give it to her and then of course it ends up on the ground. AND we stick with whats easy... eating with your hands! Too cute, huh?

 So until next time... check out these beauties, loving the pool! Cooper will be swimming in no time. He can kick and swim on his own going the length of the pool. He's a pro and loving every minute of it.


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