Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The one with the Blue Angels...

This weekend was the famous Blue Angel Air Show at the beaches. My parents used to take me as a kid. It's such a cool show for any age really. I was a little skeptical bringing Cooper since the Blue Angel jets are so loud- but he loved it. He did great. He was a little "angel" and sat on my lap the whole time pointing and watching the planes fly over. For those who don't know, the Blue Angels are 6 of the Navy Jets that put on a spectacular air show. Flying close together, doing tricks, looking like they are going to hit one another. Its amazing to watch. My favorite part was when 4 of the angels where flying together out over the ocean so your eyes were on them, and then out of no where from behing the condo's one of the other angels flew right over our head, loud as can be. Startled everyone!! Josh took cover, ducked and threw his hands over his head. ha-ha so funny like the jets were going to hit us. Hilar!!

After the air show, we went to Clark's, the nieghboorbood seafood resturant. Another place I used to go as a kid alot. You can walk to it from my parents house. It's been around since the 70's and has grown in to a popular place! Josh, Cooper and I have been walking up there during the evenings to grab a drink and watch the boats. PLUS Clark's has decorated for Halloween like no other resturant has in town. So Cooper loves walking around looking at all the "Spooks" as grandpa calls them. They also have a few live alligator tanks indoors that Cooper likes AND since it's on the St. Johns River, tons of wild alligators that you can feed. I haven't seen many big momma alligators, just the babies. But you know the mommas are around. So we sat outside and enjoyed the "fall" wather of Florida- 75 degrees :)

Crab boil for 2, that Josh devoured himself!
Happy Fall Y'all!!!!!!!


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