Thursday, October 4, 2012

The one with the 28th BIRTHDAY....

Happy Birthday to my smart, handsome, silly, confident HUSBAND!!!! I hope you have a blessed day! I thought I'd share a few great photos below of Josh. This is the side of him I am blessed with every day. There is never (and I mean never) a dull moment in the McCarty House. Which is also now combined with the Hermann's. Josh has such a contagious personality, he lights up every room. He's such a wonderful husband and loving father. He's great with Cooper. Cooper can't wait until daddy comes home every day to play and giggle!!! They have such a special bond that's so sweet to watch. I am taking Josh to Hurricanes tonight. Its nothing too fancy, but he LOVES their wings. So I figured he can drink some cold beer, EAAATTTT and watch some football!!

Big news this Sunday, we are getting the family together to announce the sex of our second baby! Super excited about it.  It's a small get together, but we figured it was a great way to celebrate us back home and the new baby!! Stay tuned for the news!!


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