Monday, October 8, 2012

The one with Sugar and Spice....

AND EVERYTHING NICE.... ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!! That's right, we are having a baby girl. So excited that we can finally share the good news. We have been holding it in since September 20th!!! Such a long time for that kind of secret. We had the family over to share the news. I had everyone where their "team" color, pink or blue. I was wearing blue, Josh in pink. I think once everyone saw me in blue, they were convinced was a boy.... haha we fooled them. Once we opened the box and the pink balloons flew out, we had most everyone in tears! Probably because Josh and I were so emotional. Baby Girl McCarty already has daddy wrapped around her finger! Can't wait to meet her. We hare having the hardest time thinking of girl names, so we are open to suggestions!

Cooper is going to be such a good big brother. We were around his baby Cousin Adalynn a few months ago and he was such a big help.  Sunday was also the first time we got to meet Ashe, the newest baby to the Jacksonville Family. Ashe is 5 months old, his momma is Jessica our cuz (Aunt Kelly's daughter). He was the sweetest and cutest. Such a happy baby. Didn't cry one time he was here. Cooper  was intrigued. He was helping Ashe put shoes on and sharing his Lego's with him. It was precious! Meet the family....

Look at my little precious angel, he is becoming quite the fan of Sesame Street, well all cartoons really. He sat down for at least 20 minutes watching TV without a peep other than him talking to the TV... I kept hearing him talk to Elmo, at one point he said "Stop it Elmo, Stop"! haha he really is too cute.

Have a great week!!


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