Monday, October 1, 2012

The one with the MOVE....

Well, we made it. We are as settled as we are going to be for now. We got to Jacksonville Saturday early evening. With 3 cars full of STUFF. Mainly toys and clothes. We left the house "staged" up in Atlanta,  sspotless and cleaned in hopes to get a buyer soon. Ironically we didn't have a single showing this past weekend. Every week since we put it on the market we've had people come through. So I hope this does not start a trend. Keep your prayers coming, we need to sell this by Thanksgiving. So while I was doing the last round of mopping on the dark hard wood floors I now hate, I was crying. Not because I was mopping, no no I was totally used to that after 2 years But because its hard to believe Josh and I are already moving from our first home we ever bought. We've put a lot of hard work in to that home, a lot of hard work in to our friendships we've built and to family that still remains. Ok, Josh likes to attribute my tears to the pregnancy and the extra hormones pumped into me every week. But it's sentimental. The move means a lot. Deeply saddened to leave all our loved ones and friends but extremely ecstatic to be "home". To have Cooper growing up around grandparents and great grandparents is a gift. And at the end of the day, all you have is family. So this was the right "move" for us.

To make it feel more like home, we went to the beach on Sunday. Cooper has only been a few times. The last time it was too cold to get into the water so we didn't even try then, but at this age he loved it. Once I took his shoes off and his toes were in the sand, he was a bit skeptical. But who doesn't love sand squishing between their toes. He got used to it in about 5 seconds. He made good use of his shovel and buckets and does what every kids does, throws sand. Not into the big open ocean, but at me and on my chair. Oh yea, and of course squashing the sand castles Josh built. He ddidn't get close to the water without holding someones hand. I bet it won't take long before he's boogie boarding! (ps. notice there are NO pictures of me in a swim suit. I am saving your EYES!!! )

Anyway, back to the beginning. We are as settled as we are going to be for now. It feels good to be around family have and support. Heck, we are going to take advantage of the babysitters (grandparents) that we haven't had! We've already got tickets to the Florida vs LSU game this Saturday! It's Josh's birthday and what better way to spend it than drinking beer and watching LIVE football. Well for me, its just watching football. Maybe next season :)

Have a great week!!


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