Thursday, November 1, 2012

The one with the SPOOKY week....

Happy Halloweenie!!! Hope everyone had a safe and spooky trick-or-treat night. Cooper actually had 2 trick-or-treat nights. For those who don't know, he was a fireman! I bought his costume last year after Halloween for super cheap.... so I am actually headed out during lunch to see what kind of steals I can find for 2 costumes next Halloween!


Sunday night we went to Spooktacular at the zoo with Karen. Cooper did great. I was pretty nervous because he gets "spooked" quite easily. Heck, he even got spooked while we where carving our pumpkin at home! And no it wasn't anything scary, just the standard jack-o-lantern with 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth... But he was a great sport and was along for the ride, he stayed in his stroller the whole time. To boot, he likes wearing his fireman jacket and hat. Which is impressive, to me anyway. We didnt' see many animals out, but they sure did a good job decorating and entertaining the kids. There were dance parties, cotton candy, bounce houses, popcorn, haunted houses, lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) walking around in costume and TONS of kids dressed up. Its so cute seeing all the little ones.

Halloween night, we went over to a friends house where a group of us parents rallied all the kids together to head out door to door. What a crowd. We didn't leave the house until almost 7 and the kids did great. A solid 1.5 hours of trick-or-treating. Again, Cooper preferred to sit in the wagon. He is a little on the timid side when he isn't sure of things. We did walk up to some doors with him, but when he saw something spooky, he didn't go on his own. Nor could we get him to talk. Nothing. He was mute. But once he discovered it was chocolate these strange spooky people were putting in his pumpkin, he tore right into some of it. With the help of me of course. He tried to bite the candy with the wrappers still on!! The funniest thing, Daddy pulled him in the wagon up to most houses, since folks sit in their driveways, and when Cooper was a little unsure/ scared, we think that he would fake asleep. NO joke, we would get up to the houses and he would lay his head on the side of the wagon and not move. The funniest thing ever and the first time I had seen him do that. You know we got a picture!!

Daddy and the Kiddos
Handsome lil fireman
Getting into the candy before Mommy eats it all!!!
Quick, play opossum so they can't scare me!  
Happy November!


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